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GCCC against Sabal Trail in Albany, GA

The Georgia Climate Change Coalition Bike Lines to stop Pipe Lines stopped in Albany yesterday and got some news coverage.

Diane Dean, WALB TV, 24 November 2014, Bike riders focus on GA environment,

Members of the Georgia Climate Change Coalition are concerned about what the planet will look like for future generations.

“It crosses the flint and Chattahoochee River and their water sheds that provide drinking water for hundreds of thousands of people,” said Gretchen Elsner of the Georgia Climate Change Coalition.

Rich Rusk is Continue reading GCCC against Sabal Trail in Albany, GA

Sabal Trail in Albany, GA 2014-10-20

A Sabal Trail Open House in Albany, Dougherty County, GA Monday, then one in Jasper, Hamilton County, FL Tuesday. That’s the first two places in the route alternatives Sabal Trail just published. Does that mean Trenton, Gilchrist County, FL Wednesday and Kissimmee, Osceola County, FL Thursday? There is no published Open House schedule on sabaltrailtransmission.com or ferc.gov, so anybody who knows of more of these, let us know.

300x200 stiff upper lip: John Peconom of FERC, in FERC in Albany, by Jen Maloney, 29 September 2014 facebook event created today by Jen Maloney:

Sabal Trail “Open House”

Monday, October 20 at 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Hilton Garden Inn Albany Hotel
101 S Front St, Albany, Georgia 31701

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Video: Gloria Gaines took down Spectra in Albany

Gloria Gaines dissected Spectra’s compressor station and pipeline haunting Dougherty County, Georgia in this video:

I don’t buy her argument for “land in remote areas”. Reclusive rural landowners don’t want that fracked methane hazard, either. And she needs to stop pushing biomass. She also said she expects Gov. Nathan Deal to help; maybe she hadn’t heard about Continue reading Video: Gloria Gaines took down Spectra in Albany

Four hours of overwhelming public opposition shrugged off by Sabal Trail and FERC in Albany, GA

FERC’s reps said their five Commissioners would decide in about a year, and Sabal Trail said they’d tune details and “educate the public” about the alleged “need” and “jobs” and “environmental safety” of their yard-wide fracked methane pipeline gouged through a hundred-foot right of way plus a compressor station. The public wasn’t having any of that in Albany, Georgia yesterday.

Update 30 Sep 2014: But that very same day, FERC rubberstamped Cove Point LNG in Maryland after “more than 140 speakers at three public meetings related to the Environmental Assessment and received more than 650 comments”, and that’s what we’re going to get with Sabal Trail, unless our elected and appointed officials go beyond talk and pass binding ordinances, deny permits, and countersue.

Radium Springs against Sabal Trail pipeline in Dougherty County

Another neighborhood in Dougherty County discovers it doesn’t like the proposed Sabal Trail pipeline, including because it would further endanger the already threatened Flint River.

Sharon Wiggins wrote for WALB 19 August 2014, Dougherty County residents speak out against proposed pipeline,

Members of the Radium Springs community met Tuesday night to express their concerns about the proposed route of the Sabal pipeline project. The nearly 500 mile pipeline begins in Alabama, stretches through Georgia and ends in Florida. Those against it are concerned about the human, economic and environmental impacts it could have.

“We know that the Flint River is one of the 10 most endangered rivers in the United States,” said Gloria Gaines, Former Dougherty County Commissioner.”They’re concerned about the impacts that it could have on the ability to farm, to hunt, to fish, to recreate.”

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Dougherty County fighting Sabal Trail pipeline

At that South Dougherty League meeting yesterday, Gloria Gaines summed up Sabal Trail’s proposed compressor station near Albany, GA: “This proposal should vehemently be challenged; it should be vehemently opposed.”

Aaryn Valenzuela reported for WALB TV yesterday, Proposed Sabal Trail pipeline and compressor station raises concerns, Continue reading Dougherty County fighting Sabal Trail pipeline

A hundred against the Sabal Trail pipeline in Albany

People who were there tell me a hundred locals were present, many spoke against the pipeline, while not one spoke for it. And the Dougherty County Attorney and a County Commissioner spoke against the pipeline.

Carlton Fletcher wrote for the Albany Herald 2014-03-04, Large crowd takes pipeline concerns to federal officials at Albany meeting,

While others pondered and expounded on the complexities of the proposed 460-mile Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline projected to run through a large portion of south Dougherty County, Melvin George’s take on the controversial project was one of simplicity.

“Here’s the shortest route, the one that makes the most sense: Continue reading A hundred against the Sabal Trail pipeline in Albany