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SpectraBusters leaflets Sabal Trail in Live Oak 2016-04-20

“No fracking!” said the students, as nine people protested outside Sabal Trail’s Contractor Fair at RiverOak Technical College, Live Oak, Suwannee County, Florida yesterday, 20 April 2016. Patricia says dont Frack with Our Water SpectraBusters, Suwannee-St Johns Group of Sierra Club Florida, and WWALS were among the groups with members on the ground, with the other groups listed on the flyer we were passing out there in spirit to say Short­term jobs are not worth long­term Sabal Trail risk. Here’s the press release, which was picked up by Valdosta Today.

SpectraBusters on the street

Many thanks to Continue reading SpectraBusters leaflets Sabal Trail in Live Oak 2016-04-20

Short-term jobs are not worth long-term Sabal Trail risk –Locals to Sabal Trail jobs-seekers at Contractor Fairs

PR sent tonight to about 100 news media:


Live Oak, FL, April 18, 2016 — Local residents and half a dozen environmental organizations want applicants at Sabal Trail pipeline job fairs to know a job for a few weeks isn’t worth risking drinking water for all our families and children and grandchildren. Red line Sabal Trail across most vulnerable area of Florida Aquifer Opponents of the Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline and supporters of solar power include the Suwannee-St Johns Sierra Club Group, St Johns Riverkeeper, WWALS Watershed Coalition, Our Santa Fe River, Earth Ethics, Gulf Restoration Network, and SpectraBusters.

Sabal Trail is holding what it calls Contractor Fairs 11AM to 2PM on two days this week, not for people to actually install the pipeline, rather for Continue reading Short-term jobs are not worth long-term Sabal Trail risk –Locals to Sabal Trail jobs-seekers at Contractor Fairs

Petition Florida Congress members to oppose Sabal Trail

It’s time for Florida members of Congress to join the four Georgia Congressmen who have told FERC to fix its broken process or deny a permit for Sabal Trail.

Citizens of Florida can petition their members of Congress either by:

  1. Printing and signing a PDF petition from the website of WWALS Watershed Coalition. (Petitions for Georgia and Alabama are also on there.)
  2. Signing online a form put up by Gulf Restoration Network that will send directly to your members of Congress.

SpectraBusters continues to assist these and an increasing Continue reading Petition Florida Congress members to oppose Sabal Trail

Petition against Sabal Trail by Gulf Restoration Network

Johanna de Graffenreid, Gulf Restoration Network, 11 November 2015, EPA Warns – Sabal Trail Pipeline Threatens Gulf,

Last week, thanks to the courageous efforts of community members across the nation who stood up to the oil industry in their backyards, President Obama vetoed the northern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline. Unfortunately, there’s no rest for the weary and a new threat to our Gulf is rearing its ugly head. Unless we stand up to Spectra Energy, and the EPA intervenes, the Sabal Trail Pipeline will begin construction in 2016.

There’s more, and a link to a petition to Stop the Southeast Market Pipeline.

Please sign.

“If I am not for myself who is for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?” —Hillel the Elder

Or, as the Texians said at Gonzales, the Georgians at Fort Morris, and the Spartans at Thermopylae:

Come and Take It!

Please sign this petition.


Gulf Restoration Network moves to intervene on Sabal Trail et al.

An environmental organization protecting the Gulf of Mexico and the wetlands and the streams and rivers flowing into it has filed a motion to intervene with all three parts of the fracked methane pipeline project including Sabal Trail, using a form of filing that other groups could copy.

GRN is concerned that the proposed Sabal Trail pipeline, and other components of the Southeast Market Pipelines Project, is not justified by any existing need and that their construction and operation will unnecessarily destroy coastal wetlands and impair water quality in rivers and streams in Alabama and Florida, with attendant impacts on the Gulf.

Here’s how to file a motion to intervene. GRN’s was filed with FERC 19 December 2014 as Accession Number: 20141219-5312, “Motion to Intervene of Gulf Restoration Network, Inc. under CP15-17, et al”. -jsq Continue reading Gulf Restoration Network moves to intervene on Sabal Trail et al.

Say No to Sabal Trail! –Gulf Restoration Network

You can join this new ally in telling FERC to say no to that useless, damaging, and dangerous fracked methane Sabal Trail pipeline.

Cathy Harrelson wrote for Gulf Restoration Network 12 June 2014, Say ‘No’ to the Sabal Trail Pipeline,

Florida’s besieged waterways are facing a new threat: Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC, wants to run a natural gas pipeline over, under and through our aquifers, rivers and springsheds. Our waters are already under threat from runoff pollution and over-pumping, and this major pipeline would risk sinkholes, gas leaks and aquifer contamination. Florida’s water is too important to take these risks— but we can say ‘no’ today!

Sabal Trail is seeking Continue reading Say No to Sabal Trail! –Gulf Restoration Network