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Sabal Trail is bullying its way –Alton Burns to FERC Chair

Email FERC Commissioners directly, and it still gets filed as an ecomment, as a Thomas County, Georgia resident demonstrated. And remember FERC could pick Alternative 3 which goes through Thomas County.

Filed with FERC 1 December 2014 as Accession Number: 20141201-4002,

From: Alton Burns
Date: November 27, 2014 at 10:55:20 PM EST
To: <cheryl.lafleur@ferc.gov>
Subject: Re: PF14-1-000 Sabal Trail Transmission LLC

Dear Chairman LaFleur,

Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC is seeking a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for its 300 mile Florida natural gas pipeline and will submit its preferred pipeline route soon. This certificate should be denied. When determining the issue of ‘need’, Sabal Trail’s own Draft Resource Report states: Continue reading Sabal Trail is bullying its way –Alton Burns to FERC Chair

Sabal Trail pipeline considered harmful for karst limestone Floridan Aquifer –FL-DEP

There’s no safe way for the yard-wide Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline through the fragile karst limestone containing the Floridan Aquifer, according to what Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection told FERC back in April. And what’s this about seven foot pipeline depth in Florida, while Spectra’s Andrea Grover complained in the Valdosta Daily Times about requests for five feet deep in Georgia?

FL-DEP points out that caves might not support a pipeline and testing or drilling could easily cause sinkholes. Plus blasting could change local hydrology.

The situation is actually worse than FL-DEP described. We don’t know that contamination couldn’t come from BCPs carried from Spectra’s Texas Eastern pipeline, or radon from the Marcellus Shale, in addition to the solvents FL-DEP mentioned. We don’t know the pipeline would carry only a gaseous product; it could be sold and used for something else. And as DEP says, it’s not just leaks that are the problem: the pipeline would require large amounts of testing water that would have to come from somewhere and go back somewhere, presumably contaminated with whatever was in the pipeline. What guarantee do we have that contamination wouldn’t go down those borings under our riverbeds?

Filed with FERC 18 April 2014 as four pages of the 74-page “Florida State Clearinghouse comments on Dockets # PF14-1, et al Notice of Intent to Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for the Planned Southeast Market Pipelines Project (Sabal Trail and Florida Southeast Connection Projects).” Some of it was also submitted to FERC by Florida’s Suwannee River Water Management District, but there is new material here; especially that superimposition map. Continue reading Sabal Trail pipeline considered harmful for karst limestone Floridan Aquifer –FL-DEP

Avoid highly sensitive water resource features –SRWMD to FERC

Filed with FERC 18 April 2014. Avoid karst limestone, unconfined aquifer, caves, springs, wetlands, drilling under rivers, blasting, or using groundwater for testing pipes or disposing of it afterwards, and where can a pipeline go?


April 18.2014 Continue reading Avoid highly sensitive water resource features –SRWMD to FERC

TREPO allies with SpectraBusters and pipeline opponents

Received Monday 25 March 2014 as a PDF. -jsq

Three River Estates Property Owners, Inc.
P.O. Box 148
Fort White, FL 32038-0148

Position Statement on Sabal Trail/Spectra Energy Methane Pipeline

The Three River Estates Property Owners (TREPO) Board of Directors joins with other homeowners and conservation groups in strongly opposing the placement of the Sabal Trail Methane gas pipeline, anywhere in the Ichetucknee Springs Basin & Ichetucknee Trace & surrounding areas. We specifically oppose Continue reading TREPO allies with SpectraBusters and pipeline opponents

Suwannee County Gas Pipeline Alert

Seen on Our Santa Fe River and Ichetucknee Alliance facebook pages today. Spectra Energy also proposed the Sabal Trail methane pipeline to go under the Withlacoochee River a second time just before it goes under the Suwannee River to enter Suwannee County. Why not just cross the Suwannee upstream of Ellaville where the Withlacoochee meets the Suwannee? Because that’s where Stephen Foster Folk Culture State Park is. Maybe the Withlacoochee, Suwannee, Ichetucknee, and Santa Fe Rivers are also important to the culture of the entire area.

Gas Pipeline Alert:

Tuesday, March 18th, 6 pm, Suwannee County BOCC

North Central Florida, here is the next public meeting about Sabal’s gas highway in Suwannee County, cutting under a Springshed in the Santa Fe River, about 1/2 mile from the confluence of the Ichetucknee River.

Speak to Board about your concerns with a gas highway through Suwannee County and the Santa Fe River, near the Ichetucknee River (.66 miles away from the confluence). Fill out a card to speak when you arrive. You will have 3 minutes to address the Board. read more here: http://www.suwanneedemocrat.com/suwannee/x787212730/Suwannee-County-Commission-meeting-agenda-for-March-18-2014

TENTATIVE AGENDA FOR March 18, 2014, 6:00 P.M.
“14. Discuss Sabal Trail gas line. (David Hanna) 5 minutes”

See also:

And the FERC Scoping Meetings move to south Central Florida that same day, Continue reading Suwannee County Gas Pipeline Alert

Natural gas highway proposed in the springs heartland –Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson

Merrillee did it, and so can you: write a letter to your local newspaper, or to a state or national one, for that matter.

In the Suwannee Democrat Thursday and a longer version in the Gainesville Sun today, Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson: Natural gas highway proposed in the springs heartland -jsq.

The springs have been taking a beating in our recent history and now Santa Fe River Watershed they are poised to brace for another blow. Spectra Energy Corp. and NextEra Energy Inc. have teamed up to build a $3 billion gas highway that will connect an Alabama natural gas bulk transfer station, cut through Georgia and bisect Florida’s springs heartland.

It would extend down to Orlando, where the gas will be dispersed into two more pipelines, ultimately benefiting Florida Power and Light. The two corporations have created Sabal Trails LLC for the surveying and construction team. Spectra Energy Corp. constructs pipelines and created Sabal Trails to get the job done, while FERC Notice of Intent for Environmental Impact Statement and Scoping Meetings Florida Power and Light wants the gas and is a subsidiary of the electricity supplier NextEra Energy Inc.

The Florida citing commission has ruled to allow NextEra and Spectra the right to survey and build another gas transmission pipeline through Florida’s vulnerable landscape. Land impacts will be plentiful; protected animal and plant species will have to suffer Continue reading Natural gas highway proposed in the springs heartland –Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson

Gilchrist County to hold pipeline meeting in February

One Florida county is taking the Sabal Trail pipeline proposal seriously, maybe because there are no fewer than three paths for the pipeline into Gilchrist County, Florida, all three crossing the Santa Fe River, and one first crossing the Ichetucknee River.

In his article about Glynn Bryan, Terry Witt wrote for Levy County Journal (undated), Bronson Area Property Owner Says Gas Pipeline Just an Atom Bomb,

Gilchrist County Administrator Bobby Crosby said the Gilchrist County Commission is planning for a February public meeting with Sabal Trail officials to answer questions about the pipeline.

Crosby said there are two proposed routes through Gilchrist County and rumors of a third route. He said he has been unable to get answers from Sabal Trail officials, but they are willing to answer questions from the public at the meeting.

“We’re kind of in the dark,” he said. “There’s nothing definite. I can’t get an answer from Sabal Trail.”

Sabal Trail’s preferred route has nine detail maps for Gilchrist County: crossing the Santa Fe River to enter the county, Duck Pond, Bell Quad, Cow Creek, Ginnie Spring, Neals, Waters Lake Quad, Union Church, and Newbury SW Quad, where it crosses into Alachua County.

Plus Sabal Trail’s alternate route maps include Gilchrist Westerly Deviation and Ichetucknee River Deviation: Continue reading Gilchrist County to hold pipeline meeting in February

The Alliance opposes any new pipelines in these areas –Ichetucknee Alliance to FERC

Filed with FERC 17 December 2013 and on the Ichetucknee Alliance facebook group:

Lucinda F Merritt, Fort White, FL.

The Ichetucknee Alliance (http://ichetuckneealliance.org) opposes placement of any new natural gas pipelines under, over or through the 5.5-mile long Ichetucknee River, including the area of Ichetucknee Springs State Park, the area of Columbia County that is included in the historic riverbed (the Ichetucknee Trace), and any part of the Ichetucknee Springshed.

The Alliance opposes any new pipelines in these areas for the following reasons.

The river and springs, including Ichetucknee Springs State Park, are Continue reading The Alliance opposes any new pipelines in these areas –Ichetucknee Alliance to FERC

Ichetucknee River Estates Landowners Association against the Sabal Trail pipeline

Spectra’s Sabal Trail pipeline wants to cross either the Ichetucknee River or the Santa Fe River in Florida, and a landowners association where those two rivers meet doesn’t want that.

Morgan Watkins wrote for Gainesville.com 24 October 2013, Contracts for natural gas pipeline through Florida get initial OK,

Ichetucknee River Estates in Branford is one of the neighborhoods through which the pipeline is slated to run. Darryl Marshall, a neighborhood resident, is helping circulate a petition that opposes routing the pipeline through the residential community. The petition has around 25 signatures and he expects to have 70 or 80 by early November.

Marshall, a retired police officer, is worried about the impact on local wildlife as well as on the community as a whole.

“When I retired, I wanted to go Continue reading Ichetucknee River Estates Landowners Association against the Sabal Trail pipeline