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Oppose Sabal Trail at FERC Albany, GA 2015-09-28

Rally against pipeline and compressor station September 28th, Monday 430pm at Albany Civic Center, sign up to speak at FERC hearing at 530pm, speak at FERC hearing starting at 6pm.

Please remember that scientific studies show that within one mile of a gas compressor station in New York, which is 1/4 the size of the one planned for Albany (meaning it will impact people within a 4 miles radius) , the following impacts on health were recorded:

  1. asthma, nosebleeds, headaches, and rashes
  2. elevated levels of formaldehyde, a carcinogen
  3. increased mortality rate of persons over 65
  4. double the risk of autism in expectant mothers in the third trimester

Some people think Continue reading Oppose Sabal Trail at FERC Albany, GA 2015-09-28

FERC nervous about being watched

FERC can’t even say how many pipelines have been approved, rejected, or went forward even if approved; no wonder they’re being scrutinized.

Hannah Northey, E&E, 3 November 2014, FERC faces heightened scrutiny as gas projects proliferate,

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission these days is drawing a crowd of companies promoting projects linked to the U.S. natural gas boom and protesters who say the agency blithely greenlights too many pipelines, export terminals and other gas infrastructure.

Foes of a FERC-approved export terminal at Cove Point, Md., recently rallied Continue reading FERC nervous about being watched

FERC hearing packed by activists

FERC’s rubberstamp machine may yet be held accountable by the citizens, and by other government agencies and courts that are taxpayer-funded, not by the industries they regulate like FERC.

Sane Energy Project posted 4 May 2014, Reportback: The Minisink Hearing, or, FERC Gets a Clue,

A court officer was asked if similar hearings were always as crowded. “Never,” he said. This is a trend that’s building. Before Spectra, the average number of interveners on any project was about 19. Now, it’s typical for there to be 300-500 interveners, and for thousands of comments to be filed. Lately, activists are getting under FERC’s skin even more, showing up repeatedly at hearings, Commission meetings, and soon, a rally in front of their offices.

Ted Glick, coordinator for Cheseapeake Climate Action Network, one of the main groups fighting the Cove Point LNG export terminal in Maryland, said, Continue reading FERC hearing packed by activists