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Albany, GA Resolution Against Sabal Trail Pipeline and Compressor 2014-10-28

The day after Dougherty County passed a resolution wanting Sabal Trail’s pipeline and compressor station out of the county and the state, its county seat Albany passed this resolution asking the same.

Here’s PDF and the text is below.

14-R 175


300x387 Resolution 14-R 175 by Albany, Georgia Mayor and Commissioners, in Albany Resolution Against Sabal Trail Pipeline, by City of Albany, for SpectraBusters.org, 28 October 2014 WHEREAS, Spectra Energy, headquartered in the State of Texas, has proposed developing a 460 mile natural gas pipeline, a portion of which will traverse through Dougherty County, Georgia; and

WHEREAS, this project is typically referred to as SABAL TRAIL TRANSMISSION, LLC (hereinafter “Project”); and

WHEREAS, part of this Project is the installation of an extremely large compressor station, such that the citizens in Albany and Dougherty County will be adversely affected; and

WHEREAS, afier careful consideration, Continue reading Albany, GA Resolution Against Sabal Trail Pipeline and Compressor 2014-10-28

Not one, but two resolutions proposed for next week against Sabal Trail

Tuesday, Lowndes County will finally vote on the resolution they already sent to FERC.

That same day, 9 December 2014, the Valdosta City Council will consider a resolution in support of Lowndes County’s opposition to the Sabal Trail pipeline, and quite likely the Valdosta City Council will vote on their resolution Thursday 11 December 2014.

This is excellent news to close the week in which Moultrie’s Mayor said on WCTV Moultrie, the county seat of Colquitt County, one of the two counties Sabal Trail said was one the two “as having the greatest potential to need additional gas supplies in the future”, that Moultrie wasn’t asked about Sabal Trail’s agreement with the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia (MGAG). This week in which the Valdosta Daily Times quoted Spectra’s Andrea Grover backtracking on eminent domain.

A week now closed with two resolutions proposed for voting next week against Sabal Trail.


Action letter to County Commissioners against Sabal Trail pipeline

Update 2014-09-12: Still more signatures.
Update 2014-09-08: Still more signatures.
Update 2014-09-07: More signatures.

Debra Johnson posted this on the Suwannee Alliance For Sustainable Growth facebook group 1 September 2014:

SABAL TRAIL PIPELINE ACTION NEEDED—If you desire add your signature to this multi-group email please enter it in the comment section.This email will be sent from SAFSG and other groups to BOCC officials here and in surrounding counties. It is available for use anywhere Sabal Trail pipeline is a threat—Simply change the county and/or state name in the body. We will start sending it out Tuesday Sept. 2nd. You should read it even if you do not sign as it contains important information.

The Suwannee County, FL Commission meets today, 2 September 2014. When does yours meet? Here is contact information for Florida counties. Here is contact information for Georgia and Alabama county commissions and city councils along the proposed pipeline path, as well as for state and federal elected officials. Remember also to comment with FERC on docket # PF14-1. Here’s the letter. -jsq

Dear Commissioner,

We are sure that you have heard of the Sabal Trail/Spectra Energy Pipeline and the resolution passed by Hamilton County BOCC August 22, 2014, to prohibit its path through the Withlacoochee River in Hamilton County (link below). It appears that that resolution has been successful. But the problem has not gone away in that Sabal Trail has already sent FERC and Rep. Ted Yoho a letter suggesting that they move the pipeline yet again! (link below).

We would also like to bring to your attention to other local government actions that have been implemented to protect the citizens of those counties. Our hope is that your county government will consider adopting one of these strategies in this crucial effort to protect their citizens, water, land, etc. from this gas pipeline which will provide zero benefit to the people of Florida Continue reading Action letter to County Commissioners against Sabal Trail pipeline

Warren County, VA resolution against Spectra pipeline

A second Virginia county board passed a resolution against Spectra’s proposed route for Duke’s Pennsylvania-to-North-Carolina pipeline just as Spectra “suspended” its activities. Warren County, VA realized that a few personal property business taxes and lodging and meals taxes during construction wouldn’t be nearly enough to balance “federal and state designated historic districts, state and federal designated historic sites, state designated scenic byways, state designated scenic rivers, agricultural and forestal districts, the Appalachian Trail, Civil War battlefields and historic sites, and conservation easements”. Are not Florida, Georgia, and Alabama’s agriculture, springs, rivers, and Floridan Aquifer as important as Virginia’s Appalachian Trail and historic sites?

Alex Bridges wrote for NV Daily 8 August 2014, Supervisors oppose gas line route,

FRONT ROYAL—Warren County leaders this week joined opponents of a $4 billion, natural gas pipeline slated to run through five states.

Duke Energy issued a request for proposals to build the pipeline to connect resources in western Pennsylvania to its facilities in North Carolina. Spectra Energy Partners responded to Duke’s request and proposed a corridor through Warren County and other jurisdictions.

Here’s Duke’s PR of 1 April 2014 about its pipeline RFP, Continue reading Warren County, VA resolution against Spectra pipeline