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Would you buy a used car from Sabal Trail?

Why should we accept any risk from a pipeline company that has repeatedly claimed not to be familiar with the public record of its long list of corrosion, leaks, and explosions? A pipeline company that has claimed land values wouldn’t be affected? That it’s “hard to believe” its own law firm sent threats of eminent domain to landowners, despite copies of those letters being sent to newspapers and FERC? That Georgia counties need its gas, after those same counties had already passed resolutions wanting Sabal Trail’s pipeline out of their county and state? A pipeline company that claims the Sunshine State needs its gas when its own figures show half the acreage could produce just as much solar power? Why should anybody in Albama, Georgia, or Florida accept any risk from that company from Houston, Texas?

Sabal Trail claimed theirs is a safe company and leaks and explosions seldom happen, until confronted on-camera with a list of incidents. Continue reading Would you buy a used car from Sabal Trail?

It seems that they just draw lines at random –James Ryder via Sen. Marco Rubio

Florida’s other Senator just intervened with FERC on behalf of a landowner who has been trying to get reasonable solutions out of Spectra Energy since at least December. Sabal Trail is trying to force their unnecessary pipeline through this Brooks County, Georgia property among others that already have a gas pipeline: this one also already has an FPL power line. Why should FPL get to deface anybody’s property for both a power line and a pipeline while destroying wetlands and trees? Why do we think this will be the last pipeline if it is allowed to go in? As the Ryders ask, “If this was your farm, how would you like it divided?” How about not at all?

Filed with FERC 6 June 2014 as Senator Marco Rubio submits comments re the Southeast Market Pipelines Project under PF14-1. Florida Senator Bill Nelson intervened on behalf of Amelia Longley back on 1 November 2013.

Cover letter Continue reading It seems that they just draw lines at random –James Ryder via Sen. Marco Rubio

WV polluter files bankruptcy: why should we expect better from Sabal Trail?

A shell company lasted only weeks before filing bankruptcy after polluting a West Virginia river and drinking water for 300,000 people. No assets, no insurance, as near as I can tell. Sabal Trail Transmission is a shell company owned by Spectra Energy and NextEra and managed by Spectra: what assets does it have, and what insurance has it offered in case its pipeline corrodes and leaks like Spectra has been fined for or one of its compressor stations leaks like in Pennsylvania or Maine or residents have to evacuate as Spectra’s Susan Waller said would happen in case of a “true emergency”? Who will pay for the local first responders, or property damage, or a polluted aquifer?

Nick Visser wrote for The Huffington Post 17 January 2014, Freedom Industries, Company Behind West Virginia Chemical Spill, Files For Bankruptcy,

The company behind the massive chemical spill that made tap water unsafe for more than 300,000 West Virginians has filed for bankruptcy, according to documents obtained by The Huffington Post.

According to bankruptcy filings, Freedom Industries, wholly owned by Chemstream Holdings Inc., filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Friday. Freedom Industries owns the storage facility responsible for leaking up to 7,500 gallons of 4-methylcyclohexane methanol (a coal-cleaning chemical also known as crude MCHM) into West Virginia’s Elk River.

And Freedom Industries was only formed a few weeks ago. Steven Mufson wrote for the Washington Post (undated), One week after W. Va. toxic spill, new owner of Freedom Industries puts firm in bankruptcy,

It took just one week for Pennsylvania coal mining executive Cliff Forrest, the new owner of Freedom Industries, to discover that one of the six-decade-old storage tanks he had acquired Dec. 31 was leaking a toxic chemical into the Elk River that supplies water to about 300,000 West Virginians….

Forrest, through another firm he owns, paid Continue reading WV polluter files bankruptcy: why should we expect better from Sabal Trail?

“The most terrifying experience”: Spectra blows another compressor station

Spectra Energy refuses to say much about a compressor station leak in Maine, much like the one in Pennsylvania in March 2013. Spectra’s Susan Waller did offer that in a real emergency everyone would have been evacuated. Who wants that next to the five compressor stations Spectra proposes along the Sabal Trail Transmission pipeline it wants to gouge through Alabama, Georgia, and Florida?

Abigail Curtis wrote for Bangor Daily News 15 January 2014, ‘The most terrifying experience’: Residents question safety in wake of malfunction at Searsmont natural gas pipeline station,

First came the noise late New Year’s Eve at the Searsmont natural gas pipeline compressor station, so loud that it caused nearby homes to shake and some residents, frightened by the jet-engine-like roar, to pack up their cars and flee for the night.

Then came the questions, as some members of the normally quiet rural community wondered how safe — or dangerous — it is to live so close to the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline facility. The station was shut down for Continue reading “The most terrifying experience”: Spectra blows another compressor station

Spectra wants to be closer to the community in new Valdosta office

The community likes to visit that building, with signs and chants.

Winnie Anne Wright wrote for WCTV yesterday, Sabal Trail Transmission Opens Office in Valdosta,

Valdosta—Agents representing three counties affected by the Sabal Trail Natural Gas Pipeline will occupy the new office on North Patterson Street.

The Valdosta office is not the first office on the pipeline’s route. Susan Waller, with spectra energy says there are multiple offices in communities that are hosting the pipeline project.

“Having a local office for Sabal Trail really gives us the opportunity to be closer to the community. The residents and the different land owners that are affected by this, in the study corridor, I think it gives them an opportunity to get to know our representatives, and I do believe it improves and enhances our relationship with the community”, says Waller.

And the community still has many unanswered questions.

The community visited that building at 2010 North Patterson Street, also home of the Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority (VLCIA), to protest a proposed biomass plant in 2011 and a proposed private prison in 2012. Both times, the protesters won.


Spectra still leaving questions unanswered

Here’s how Spectra’s VP of Stakeholder Outreach Susan Waller actually implements her assertion quoted in the Valdosta Daily Times Tuesday.

“I want stakeholders to talk to us. They have to ask the questions so we can answer them,” Waller said. “Keep talking. Don’t shut down.”

When I asked the FERC representatives at the Madison County meeting how to get Spectra to answer questions, they said file comments with FERC.


Spectra fails to answer landowner questions in Clyattville

Winnie Anne Wright wrote for WCTV yesterday, Sabal Trail Transmission Hosts Informational Meeting at Clyattville Elementary,

Representatives from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission were also on hand to answer questions, but tonight’s meeting didn’t ease everyone’s fears.

“The hope is they would pipe their gas using another route. I don’t need to be a doormat for somebody to make money shipping gas to Florida, so that they can cash the check on my back”, says Tom Lovett, an impacted landowner.

“I understand why the landowners are upset. I mean I really do. I see that they don’t have answers right now, but it just takes time”, says Susan Waller, VP of Stakeholder Outreach for Sabal Trail Transmissions.

Representatives from Sabal Trail say they hope to have a complete study by May, 2014 with answers to community concerns.

Answers like everybody in Pennsylvania is happy? How much time does it take, Spectra, to answer questions you’ve been asked about every pipeline you’ve promoted? Sending Andrea Grover’s boss, Susan Waller, turns out not to be an improvement if that’s the best she can do.

Why isn’t FERC making Spectra answer the questions?


Possible pipeline through Colquitt County –Fox31

Do you believe Sabal Trail that the pipeline won’t affect the value of your land? If what Spectra Energy’s Vice President of Stakeholder Outreach & Sustainability says is true, why doesn’t Sabal Trail just buy the affected properties? They should be able to resell it later for equal or greater value.

Rheya Spigner wrote for mysouthwestga.com (fox31online) 12 December 2013, Possible pipeline through Colquitt County,

Susan Waller with the Sabal Trail Transmission says “one concern (from residents) is that it’ll impact the value of the land.” Which she adds isn’t true, but could affect vegetation.

They didn’t quote Andrea Grover, Director, Stakeholder Outreach. Maybe they discovered she, like Brian Fahrenthold, was not familiar with Spectra’s history of fines? And as a Vice President, Susan Waller would appear to be Andrea Grover’s boss. Have we gotten their attention enough that they are escalating within Spectra?

John Peconom of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) says Continue reading Possible pipeline through Colquitt County –Fox31