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This pipeline is a soft target that has inadequate security measures –Roger Marietta to FERC

FERC can’t stand the truth? Here’s what Roger Marietta wrote that you still can’t see through FERC’s elibrary, which is still broken eight hours later. Same hazard blogged here eighteen months ago.

Filed with FERC 24 July 2015 as Accession Number: 20150724-5034, “Comment of Roger B. Marietta in Docket(s)/Project(s) CP15-17-000 Submission Date: 7/24/2015”

Roger B. Marietta, Albany, GA.

A developer in our City was told by the Sabal Trail right of way acquisition people that the 36″ pipe would only be buried 3 feet deep in non agricultural areas. My concern and that of other Veterans is what happens to pipelines in Iraq where a man with a shovel can dig up the dirt above a pipeline and then either tap into it or unleash an act of terrorism. With all the ISIS attacks in America recently, this pipeline is a “soft” target that has Continue reading This pipeline is a soft target that has inadequate security measures –Roger Marietta to FERC

Pipelines as enemy targets

Natural gas or oil pipelines are natural enemy targets, in addition to the way they frequently blow up on their own. Why build such hazards when solar power is faster, cheaper, cleaner, and doesn’t blow up?

Elad Benari wrote for Arutz Sheva 17 January 2014, Sinai Terrorists Blow Up Natural Gas Pipeline,

Strong explosion rocks central Sinai after explosives were planted beneath the gas pipeline connected to cement factories in the area.

What happens if someone blows up a solar array? Flying glass, which is bad, but nothing like blowing up the explosive fuel inside a natural gas or oil pipeline, not to mention distributed rooftop solar arrays would be very hard to destroy enough of to match the energy denial of one damaged pipeline.

Gas pipelines in Egypt has been attacked more than a dozen times Continue reading Pipelines as enemy targets