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Deny Sabal Trail, said U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop, and FERC ignored him

Citing the GDOT denial of KMI’s Palmetto Pipeline and numerous specific hazards of Spectra Energy’s proposed Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline (sinkholes in karst limestone and a compressor station next to Albany’s water wells, all for no benefit to Georgia, by a company with a poor safety record), U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop (GA-02) wrote to FERC (PDF):

I believe that FERC should deny STT’s application for a Certificate of Public Necessity.

And he told FERC to tell Sabal Trail to stop suing his constituents for eminent domain.

A year after Rep. Bishop listened in Albany for two hours to complaints about Sabal Trail, Dougherty County and Albany, Georgia filed followup letters to their resolutions against that pipeline. Neither FERC nor Sabal Trail answered them, so their Representative in the U.S. Congress forwarded their letters with that sharp cover letter. Three weeks later, FERC still hasn’t even filed his letter in their e-comment system, much less responded to it.

Just how lawless is FERC, anyway? Doesn’t a member of the U.S. House Committee on Appropriations give them pause? Continue reading Deny Sabal Trail, said U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop, and FERC ignored him

Sabal Trail repeatedly sent letters to landowners claiming Georgia eminent domain authority –SpectraBusters to judge

SpectraBusters sent examples of Sabal Trail’s many threats of eminent domain, in this letter to Leesburg for the ongoing eminent domain and criminal trespass trial.

300x388 Standing, in Sb leesburg, by John S. Quarterman, for SpectraBusters.org, 31 March 2015

Re: Case number 14CV208RS
Judge Rucker Smith

To: Cindy Clark
Civil Deputy Clerk
County Courthouse
100 Leslie Highway
Leesburg, Georgia 31763

If it please the court,

SpectraBusters, Inc. is a Georgia nonprofit corporation with board members and other participants in all three states directly affected by the Sabal Trail proposed pipeline: Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. The SpectraBusters board voted Monday March 30th 2015 to send this letter to the court to express our concerns about Sabal Trail’s attempts to claim Georgia eminent domain long before it tried to claim customers in Georgia, as well as possible ill effects throughout the pipeline route, especially in Georgia, if the judge were to rule in this case for application of Georgia eminent domain. Even with Sabal Trail’s claimed agreement with the Metropolitan Gas Authority of Georgia (MGAG), Sabal Trail is still “a long way” Continue reading Sabal Trail repeatedly sent letters to landowners claiming Georgia eminent domain authority –SpectraBusters to judge

Beware pipeline trespassers during holidays

Lock your gates and call the sheriff and a lawyer if you see any signs of pipeline trespass, and complain to the state Attorney General, advises someone dealing with Williams’ Constitution Pipeline, and since Sabal Trail has already had a criminal trespass trial, we can’t expect them to be any better. Just because you’re on holiday the rest of this week, don’t assume the pipeline company is. And you’ll probably need an attorney for those eminent domain lawsuits if Sabal Trail gets a FERC permit, so file your motion to intervene or ecomment today.

Chip Northrup wrote for No Fracking Way, Pipeline Threatens Then Trespasses, Continue reading Beware pipeline trespassers during holidays

The evitability of Andrea Grover’s fracked methane pipeline

If they can’t even survey for it, they can’t build it, which may be why Andrea Grover just chanted desperately in three newspapers “the Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline is moving forward.” Nevermind almost everyone who has spoken up about it is against it. She didn’t say anything about taking your land for for profit for her company in Houston and for LNG export that would raise U.S. natural gas prices. But one thing she did say is why that can happen with no further permits if this pipeline should go forward.

Almost everybody opposed the pipeline at the “more than 50 open houses and public meetings” Ms. Grover bragged about in the Orlando Sentinel, in the Suwannee Democrat, and in the Moultrie Observer. She didn’t mention that opposition, but you can see it for yourself in these Continue reading The evitability of Andrea Grover’s fracked methane pipeline

Any unauthorized entry by Sabal Trail will be treated as trespass by our client –Bill Langdale

This is the response from Larry Rodgers’ attorney, Bill Langdale, to the eminent domain letter from Sabal Trail’s attorney. Larry referred to both of these letters on the Chris Beckham radio show this morning. -jsq

P. 0. BOX 1547
TELEPHONE (229) 244~54OO
FACSIMILE (229) 244-0453

December 4, 2013

Via Overnight Delivery and US. First Class Mail

Matthew J. Calvert, Esq.
Hunton & Williams, LLP
Suite 4100
600 Peachtree Street, NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30308-2216

RE:Larry Rodgers Investments, LLC’s Response to Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC’s (“Sabal Trail”) November 26, 2013 Survey Permission Request for Natural Gas Pipeline (the “Pipeline“), FERC Docket No. PF14-1-000, located on Tract No. 3219.000, Parcel Id. No. 0099 024 in Lowndes County, Georgia (the “Property”)

Dear Mr. Calvert,

PDF of page 1

The undersigned and this law firm represent Larry Rodgers Investments, LLC (“Rodgers Investments”). We are in receipt of Sabal Trail’s November 26, 2013 letter referenced above (the “Request”) requesting to perform certain civil, environmental and cultural resource surveys on the Property. Rodgers Investments respectfully denies Sabal Trail’s request to enter the Property for the reasons set forth below.

Thank you for pointing us to O.C.G.A. § 22-3-88 which addresses the eminent domain rights of pipeline companies. We agree that the cases you cite in your letter provide the general rule of law with respect to survey rights of an entity vested with eminent domain authority. However, we disagree that Continue reading Any unauthorized entry by Sabal Trail will be treated as trespass by our client –Bill Langdale