PF14-2 CP14-554-000 Florida Southeast Connection

New docket CP14-554-000.

This is the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) docket for a connected pipeline on from Orlando to an FPL power plant in Martin County, Florida by Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC. (See also: how to file comments with FERC or to become an intervenor.)

Initial documents filed with FERC:

From Orlando to Martin County FERC docket FP14-2

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6 thoughts on “PF14-2 CP14-554-000 Florida Southeast Connection

  1. I’m not sure how we haven’t realized yet that putting pipelines near waterways isn’t a good idea. The possibility of poisoning millions of people should be first in our minds, but taking native lands and destroying ecosystems should be appalling to anyone! Haven’t we taken enough from our native brothers and sisters!
    Preservation of our remaining native lands and our beautiful wilderness is more important than money!

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