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Cost to KMI of Palmetto Pipeline Suspension and other pipeline opposition

The financial press amusingly tries to spin Kinder Morgan’s suspension yesterday of its Palmetto petroleum products pipeline as a positive. Meanwhile, Sabal Trail still needs stopping even after the historic win in the Georgia legislature, and remember KMI is in bed with Sabal Trail on on the Jacksonville Expansion Project (JEP) from Suwannee County, FL to Jacksonville, FERC Docket No. CP15-144.

Matthew DiLallo, Motley Fool, 31 March 2016, Kinder Morgan Inc. Presses Pause on the Palmetto Pipeline Project: The Palmetto Pipeline is halted due to eminent domain dispute.,

The Palmetto Pipeline project was initially Continue reading Cost to KMI of Palmetto Pipeline Suspension and other pipeline opposition

Kinder Morgan bolts from emergency planning meeting in Savannah

The world’s largest pipeline company ran away from a hint of public scrutiny, like FERC changed its commission meeting date to try to avoid protesters. Maybe… public opinion matters?

The pipeline companies are watching all the opposition. And the opposition is shadowing all the pipeline companies. Score one for the opposition! Plus plenty of opportunities coming up for more concerted opposition against any new fossil fuel tentacles through our countryside or under our rivers.

Mary Landers, Savannah Morning News, 16 September 2015, Kinder Morgan cancels ‘spotlight’ on Elba operations, Continue reading Kinder Morgan bolts from emergency planning meeting in Savannah

Meeting in Savannah about Elba Island LNG

Oppose one fossil fuel boondoggle; oppose them all. KMI also has applied for a FERC permit to build a pipeline from Suwannee County, FL to Jacksonville, which is gearing up for LNG export. That KMI application says Sabal Trail can connect if it wants to.

Coastal Group of the Georgia Sierra Club, on facebook, today, ATTEND THIS PUBLIC MEETING IF YOU CAN!

This will be our opportunity learn about Texas energy giant Kinder Morgan’s disaster plan for the proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminal at Elba Island. If permitted to come online, 4 million metric tons of LNG would be processed by, and exported from, the facility annually—in close proximity to densely populated neighborhoods at the mouth of Savannah’s port. A worst-case event would be extremely destructive to lives, property, and the environment.

DATE: Wednesday, September 16, 10:00AM

LOCATION: Savannah Civic Center, 301 W Oglethorpe Ave, Savannah, GA 31401


Against Sabal Trail in Savannah 2015-05-21

Maybe Push Back the Pipeline can help convince Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and GDOT to oppose Sabal Trail like they successfully opposed the Palmetto pipeline. In Savannah Thursday May 21st a landowner affected by Sabal Trail and WWALS Watershed Coalition President John S. Quarterman will make the case at the Coastal Group of the Georgia Sierra Club. More details and background from WWALS, and see below about the event. All opponents of the Sabal Trail and Palmetto pipelines are invited.

Connect Savannah, today, (also on Push Back the Pipeline), Georgia’s Other Unwanted and Unneeded Pipeline,

When: Thu., May 21, 7 p.m.
Phone: 912-961-6190
Price: Free
Where: First Presbyterian Church
520 Washington Ave Savannah-Eastside

The Palmetto Pipeline is not the only pipeline project in Georgia Continue reading Against Sabal Trail in Savannah 2015-05-21

Post a bond if Palmetto Pipeline is not for export –Steve Willis to Kinder Morgan in Savannah

Calling their bluff at their very first “public hearing”, longtime environmental activist Steve Willis told Kinder Morgan that if they didn’t want the public to believe that their pipeline is for export, when it so conveniently runs past KM’s proposed Elba Island LNG export terminal and to Jacksonville where Jaxport is gearing up for LNG export, they should post a $100 million bond. Watch the KM rep’s face as soon as Steve says “export”; sure looks like “OMG, he’s on to us!”

Steve noted there is no local demand for KM’s petroleum products, and exports drive up local prices anyway. You don’t have to believe Steve, you can believe Continue reading Post a bond if Palmetto Pipeline is not for export –Steve Willis to Kinder Morgan in Savannah

Elba Island, GA LNG export

In case you thought LNG export was only for Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Massachusetts, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia, the fossil fuel companies want to push fracked methane out through Georgia, too. KinderMorgan’s Elba Island LNG export terminal, with its north-to-south Elba Island Express pipeline project, is already in the formal permitting process at FERC. And it could easily interconnect with Sabal Trail to get its fracked methane.

KinderMorgan’s Elba Liquefaction Project & EEC Modification Project, announced by Shell 28 January 2013, Shell and Kinder Morgan announce plans to export LNG from the United States, by El Paso Pipeline Partners LP, picked up by Alison Sider in the WSJ 19 December 2013, El Paso, Shell Unit Will Expand Elba Island LNG Project: $500 Million Expansion to Export More Gas from Terminal Near Savannah, Ga, and written up by Mary Landers for 14 March 2014, LNG export project moves forward,

Plans continue for $1.5 billion-worth of development at Elba Island to allow the liquefied natural gas import facility to reverse its processes and export the fuel. Southern LNG and Elba Liquefaction Co. filed a formal application for the project with federal regulators earlier this week.

The facility currently Continue reading Elba Island, GA LNG export