Postage, research, billboards, etc., cost money. You can help by donating to SpectraBusters, Inc., a Georgia nonprofit corporation on the path to an IRS 501(c)(3).

We have no paid staff and the board are all volunteers, so your contributions go directly to the work.

  •    $5 contributes towards mailings
  •   $20 pays for a pack of postcards
  •   $50 finances regular printing costs
  • $100 purchases 20 yard signs
  • $200-700 supports a billboard ad for a month,
    depending on location.
    We’re currently aiming at I-75 southbound near Lake City, Florida.

Every contribution helps. You can also print the PDF form, fill it out, and mail it in.

Or you can volunteer to call, write, or research; contact us about that.

With enough contributors, we can work up towards funding larger projects, such as:

  •   $1,000 would pay for some legal work
  • $10,000 would fund some expert witnesses
  • $50,000 would help finance a lawsuit

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