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Another Spectra pipeline, TN-AL-GA Renaissance

Spectra is haunting Atlanta, too! They call it the Rennaisance Project, from Columbia, Tennessee through northern Alabama and north Georgia to Lawrenceville in Gwinnett County.

Staff Graphic for by Laura W. McNutt

Ben Benton wrote for 13 May 2012, Natural gas pipeline considered for tri-state region,

A high-volume natural gas pipeline could wind across a 230-mile gap from South Central Tennessee through North Alabama and Northwest Georgia on its way to link with a pipeline northeast of Atlanta.

Officials with Houston, Texas-based Spectra Energy Corp. say that, if a green light follows assessments by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and other federal, state and local authorities, the proposed pipeline will connect directly the company’s Texas Eastern system in Columbia, Tenn., to the Transco Interstate pipeline system near Lawrenceville, Ga.

The pipeline’s capacity is projected at Continue reading Another Spectra pipeline, TN-AL-GA Renaissance

Pine trees, home sites, and pipeline rights of way –Tim Bland to FERC

Comment on FERC docket PF14-1 16 October 2013. Yes, if this pipeline is so safe and desirable, why can’t it go in public road rights of way? -jsq

Tim Bland, Valdosta, GA.

I am writing in regard to the construction of a new natural gas pipeline by Sable Trails/Spectra Energy, Docket #PF14-1. This proposed line will run right through the middle of my property located at 4801 Gary Lane in Valdosta, Georgia. The majority of the land that will be affected is planted in pine trees, which we use for the harvest and sale of pine straw and eventually the sale of the timber itself. Looking long-term, as a supplement for retirement, we have also considered subdividing this land into 5-acre tracks to sell for home sites.

South Georgia Natural Gas Company pipeline in south Lowndes County Georgia Sable trails is demanding that we sell them a 100′ easement right in the middle of this property, directly adjacent to an existing 50′ gas line easement owned by South Georgia Natural Gas. This will make 150′ right in the middle of our property that we will no longer be able to use for straw and timber harvesting. In addition, because of the route this line takes through our property, it will render this property useless for future home sites. This pipeline will have a direct negative affect on the income earning potential of this property for straw harvesting over the next 25-30 years as well at the long-term earning potential of timber harvesting and sale for home sites.

As I understand it, South Georgia Natural Gas bid on this pipeline project with intentions to place the new line within their existing easement. However they were out bid and now refuse to allow Sable Trails/Spectra to utilize the existing easement. Because of this, Continue reading Pine trees, home sites, and pipeline rights of way –Tim Bland to FERC

Gasland II movie at VSU 7PM Thursday 7 November 2013

Come see where the gas for the Sabal Trail pipeline comes from: fracking. Facebook event posted by Danielle Jordan of S.A.V.E.

When: Thursday, November 7, 2013, 7:00pm
Where: Bailey Science Center at Valdosta State University Room 3009

Students Against Violating the Environment (S.A.V.E.) and Wiregrass Activists for Clean Energy (WACE) will be hosting a free screening of Gasland II on Thursday, November 7th at 7:00 pm. Come learn about the dangers of fracking and how you can get involved in the movement to end it. The event is open to the public. Discussion will follow.

Trailer: Continue reading Gasland II movie at VSU 7PM Thursday 7 November 2013

Georgia law about eminent domain

Received today on Welcome to Spectrabusters. -jsq

For all landowners who opposes the Sabal pipeline being routed through their property and especially for those who have not given their permission to Sabal for the “survey”. Because Sabal is using Ga. law for threating eminent domain, be familiar with O.C.G.A. 22-3-80 through O.C.G.A. 22-3-88.

O.C.G.A. 22-3-80 (2010)
22-3-80. Legislative findings

The General Assembly finds and declares that, based on an authorized study by the Petroleum Pipeline Study Committee created by the General Assembly, while petroleum pipelines are appropriate and valuable for use in the transportation of petroleum and petroleum products, there are certain problems and characteristics indigenous to such pipelines which require the enactment and implementation of special procedures and restrictions on petroleum pipelines and related facilities as a condition of the grant of the power of eminent domain to petroleum pipeline companies.

Also RULES OF THE GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION DIVISION, Chapter 391-3-23 (Titled: Petroleum Pipeline Eminent Domain Permit Procedures).

The following rule serves to protect Georgia’s natural and environmental resources by requiring permits be issued by the Director with monitoring conditions prior to any petroleum or petroleum product pipeline company acquiring property or interests in property by eminent domain. The rules provide for procedures for administration of O.C.G.A. 22-3-84, governing the obtaining of the permit provided for in O.C.G.A. 22-3- 84(a).

There is a lot of hoops Sabal must jump through before they can tell you to “just give it up”.

-Ronald Kicklighter

Sample no-permission letters

If Spectra or FPL wants you to sign anything or you have already, you can refuse or rescind permission. Here are sample landowner letters modeled on ones by Stop the Pipeline against the Constitution Pipeline that would run through New York State. These letters could work just as well against the proposed Sabal Trail pipeline in Georgia, Alabama, and Florida, or the Florida Southeast Connection in south Florida. (I am not a lawyer; please ask an attorney for legal advice.)

You can send a deny or rescind letter to the same address Sabal Trail (or FSC) used in any letters to you. The address in these sample letters was on letters to Lowndes County from Sabal Trail (and in the preliminary filing with FERC by FSC).

If you deny or rescind permission, please also submit that as a comment to FERC.

No permission to Sabal Trail Transmission

No permission to Florida Southeast Connection

Based on

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Open Houses in Florida for PF14-2 –Florida Southeast Connection

FERC-required Open Houses for the south Florida pipeline were filed by Florida Southeast Connection Monday. Polk County gets two, and one each for Osceola, Martin (where the power plant is supposed to be), St. Lucie, and Okeechobee Counties. -jsq

October 29, 2013

Ms. Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary
Mr. Nathaniel J. Davis, Sr., Deputy Secretary
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
888 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20426

Re: Florida Southeast Connection, LLC, Docket No. PF14-2-000

Dear Ms. Bose and Mr. Davis:

On October 16, 2013, the Director of the Office of Energy Projects issued a letter in the above-captioned docket approving the request of Florida Southeast Connection, LLC (“FSC”) to commence the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (“Commission”) Pre-filing Review Process of its proposed FSC Project (“Project”). Consistent with Sections 157.21(f)(1) and 157.21(f)(3) of the Commission’s regulations, FSC hereby submits, as an attachment, the letter sent to affected landowners establishing the dates and locations established for open houses. FSC has also separately informed stakeholders (including agencies), regarding the project and the dates and location of the open houses.

Please contact Continue reading Open Houses in Florida for PF14-2 –Florida Southeast Connection

Non-Landowner stakeholders and agency permits –Sabal Trail

Yesterday Sabal Trail submitted to FERC a gold mine of contact information in the form of Updated Appendices C and D to the Public and Agency Participation Plan for the Sabal Trail Project under Docket No. PF14-1, submitted by Lisa A. Connolly.

Appendix C: Stakeholder List — Non-Landowners Federal, State and Local Agencies

This list includes the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in Mobile, Birmingham, Savannah, and Jackonville thhe U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) in Daphne, Alabama, in Atlanta, Townsend, and Fort Benning, Georgia, and in Vero Beach and Jacksonville, Florida, the EPA, NOAA, and numerous state offices in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, and a long list of Indian tribes.

Appendix D: Agency Permits/Approvals

None of these are actually for permits yet; they’re all for process or consultation.. Agencies listed include FERC, EPA, USACE, USFWS, NOAA, a long list of federally recognized tribes, and state conservation, natural resources, transportation, wildlife, parks, and historic preservation agencies for Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, as well as quite a few TBD (to be determined) contacts for specific counties, including, surprisingly, Tift County, Georgia.


Half Moon Wildlife Management Area and Sabal Trails

Received today. This is Florida’s Withlacoochee River. -jsq

This is the large Half Moon Wildlife Management Area that is adjacent to my property. They are including my property as part of the 500 feet supposedly required. Running that pipe line through Half Moon could result in the biggest nightmare that anyone could ever imagine. Past events will indicate future events as far as the pipe line industry is concerned. Pipes will leak gas eventually and this area (I have been told) is an actual flood plain that was a lake area in the past that connected to the Withlacoochee River. So the water level is near the land surface and corrosive action readily takes place.

You can see the line that follows that road on Half Moon. The pipe line will follow Continue reading Half Moon Wildlife Management Area and Sabal Trails

Carol Singletary speaking at Lowndes County Commmission Meeting

Carol Singletary at Lowndes County Board of Commissioners 2013-10-22

Carol Singletary asked the Lowndes County Board of Commissioners to go on the record as being opposed to the Sabal Trail pipeline.

She reminded Lowndes County Board of Commissioners of their mission statement at the October 22, 2013 regular session meeting.

“To provide an efficient, effective and responsive local government to all citizens of Lowndes County while maintaining the financial strength to meet any contingency”
She told them about her interactions with Sabal Trail and implored them to work for the good of the citizens who elected them.
You have a way to help the citizens of Lowndes County. … If you go on record saying you don’t have any impact, where does that leave us?

See Carol at the meeting: