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LNG – Liquefied Natural Gas & Small Scale Processing Facilities-Action Needed

The Plan We Must Stop

This is the beginning of a series of blogs to educate the public about the dangers of LNG as well as to convince as many people that we can to object to this dangerous precedent by providing information about what LNG is and what you can do.

Small Scale LNG Truck Terminal
Small Scale LNG Truck Terminal

Liquefied Natural Gas or LNG and the proposed DOE rule that would allow unregulated, with no agency oversight, small scale processing facilities to pop up in your neighborhood endangering you, family, friends. By allowing LNG processing to be your neighbor, pass you in a semi, or be on the same train as you commute, or simply passing through the area you live in, you are at great risk.  We encourage you to comment to the Federal Registry Public Comment Concerning Unregulated Small Scale LNG Processing Facilities.

This a very dangerous and unhealthy addition of unregulated with no agency oversight infrastructure to export and transport fracked gas from fracked gas pipelines such as the Sabal Trail Pipeline and others. The comment period for the public – in link above – is for you to have input as to whether fracked natural unregulated, small-scale LNG processing facilities should be approved. Please take this opportunity to answer with a resounding NO!  These new small scale LNG facilities that are now being ‘pushed’ by our government via executive order by President Trump on this past Labor Day and with the blessing of invested Governor Rick Scott will affect all Floridians as well as all areas of the USA.

There are already LNG ‘gas stations’ in Georgia  for instance and I am sure across the country as UPS is using LNG to run their semis. Did they forget hydrogen like Norway and Germany use?

The plan is to reduce volume or capacity of  fracked gas by converting it to a liquid state, an unstable state, called LNG which makes for easier transportation and storage  via train, ships and trucks all over the USA with the proposed, unregulated small-scale processing plants being located near pipelines and inland ‘ports’ in populated areas – such as Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville FL (Jaxport) – all across Florida and the USA.

Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC or rather parent companies, NextEra, FPL, Duke Energy along with TECO (Tampa Electric Co.)  plan to build another pipeline in Suwannee County’s Springs Heartland whose land mass is a major recharge/discharge area for the Floridan Aquifer which is the sole source of water for millions of people. This pipeline will feed off to Jacksonville, Fla and is only located 1/2 mile form the world famous Ichetucknee River! From WWALS “Crowley Maritime’s Carib Energy is already exporting LNG from Jacksonville, and is authorized to get LNG from both Floridian Natural Gas (FLiNG) in Martin County at the end of the Transco → Sabal Trail → FSC pipeline chain, and from Florida Gas Transportation (FGT)’s Jacksonville Expansion Project from Sabal Trail in Suwannee County to Jacksonville.” To read more about these approved export terminals with maps please visit WWALS blog site by clicking here.*

The plan for Florida is to transport fracked natural gas to Jacksonville Fla and various other ports along both of Florida’s coastlines for export to non-FTA (Free Trade Agreement) countries. There will also be transport via railway per permits some already granted by DOE.  Florida East Coast Railway (Approved),  Alaska Railroad (Approved) and All Aboard Florida’s planned high speed commuter railway from Miami to Orlando (More than likely will be approved) according to Hannah Wiseman, Florida State University College of Law professor in TCPalm Story on LNG Transport by Train.  Also here in another TCPalm Story “The dangers of liquefied natural gas would increase when All Aboard Florida’s Brightline trains begin using the same tracks for 16 plus daily passenger round trips between Miami and Orlando, according to Wouters. Construction of Brightline already has begun between Miami and West Palm Beach, and service there is to begin in early 2017, with full service beginning in late 2017.”

Transportation of fracked gas from these small scale processing plants will be both for export to other countries and transported to various ports across Florida and the rest of the USA  inland on our highways via truck and via trains, creating what are commonly referred to as bomb trains and bomb trucks because of the instability of LNG.

This proposed process will begin, if we do not stop it, as  fracked gas is delivered to small-scale inland LNG Processing Facilities via gas pipelines such as the Sabal Trail Pipeline (Straight from the Marcellus Fracking fields) which spans 515 miles from Alabama, through Georgia and into Florida where these unregulated inland processing plants are to be built in populated areas just as they are in other export areas of the country. These are the same areas from which the gas will be transported by truck or train to export terminals.

Note that export of LNG to other countries by large port terminals has already begun in Jacksonville and Hialeah Fla.  The proposed Titusville Fla. export terminal which is owned by subsidiaries of Fortress Investment Group — parent company of All Aboard Florida and Florida East Coast Railway — “within seven years could build, own and operate a liquefied natural gas facility in Titusville, according to a free-trade agreement approved May 29 by the federal Department of Energy” – This approved by DOE in 2015 would increase tenfold the amount of LNG traveling our railways in Florida and has come to pass in Florida.  About 30 billion cubic feet of liquefied natural gas could be transported annually along the 351-mile Jacksonville-to-Miami rail corridor!  More on this story here.  Additional export stations are popping up all up and down coastal areas of Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Maryland, Oregon, Alaska and more.

Cecile Scofield of Florida, is an expert on the subject of LNG export terminals and can be credited with halting Hess from building an LNG terminal in Boston.  Watch her very informative video filmed at a recent WWALS/Suwannee Riverkeeper event in Live Oak Florida here.

Please continue reading to understand exactly what LNG is and the threats it is to our very lives. If additional unregulated small scale operations for processing LNG with zero oversight is allowed then we are will see even greater dangers to our lives, water and ecology.

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Citrus County FL passes ordinance banning fracking 2016-06-14

Not just a resolution, an ordinance, which is a law: no fracking in Citrus County, Florida.

Jim Tatum, Our Santa Fe River, 14 June 2016, Citrus County Approves Fracking Ban,

Commissioners Dennis Damato, Ronald Kitchen, Joe Meek, Scott Adams, and Scott Carnahan unanimously passed a ban-fracking ordinance. The ordinance was amended to include all the county, both incorporated and non-incorporated areas, skillfully inserted by the able and prepared county attorney Denise A. Dymond Lyn.

The text of the ordinance is Continue reading Citrus County FL passes ordinance banning fracking 2016-06-14

Shoestring Energy Justice Network and Dimock families defeat mighty Cabot Oil & Gas in $4.2 million anti-fracking lawsuit win

Here’s why Sabal Trail and all the other fossil fuel profiteers avoid jury trials at all costs: when twelve peers of the afflicted decide, the frackers lose. But money isn’t enough. That land and water is permanently poisoned. There’s only one real solution: end fracking, to end all its new pipelines, compressor stations, bomb trains, and LNG export.

Sharon Kelly, Desmog Blog, 10 March 2016, BREAKING: $4.2 Million Jury Verdict Against Cabot Oil & Gas in Dimock, PA Water Contamination Lawsuit,

A Pennsylvania jury handed down a $4.2 million verdict in a lawsuit centering on water contamination from negligent shale gas drilling in Dimock, PA, a tiny town that made international headlines for its flammable and toxic drinking water.

The defendant in the lawsuit, Cabot Oil and Gas Corp., had strenuously denied Continue reading Shoestring Energy Justice Network and Dimock families defeat mighty Cabot Oil & Gas in $4.2 million anti-fracking lawsuit win

Strom Crystal River LNG export approval 2014-10-21

Strom can ramp up its LNG export to the Gulf from Crystal River an order of magnitude with its initial units, Legal Style and then add more units, all without any further approval by anybody, says this Order from the U.S. DoE Office of Fossil Energy, which also appears to permit bomb trains shipping LNG anywhere in Florida, or maybe even other states, with some of the fracked methane probably coming from Sabal Trail if built. This FE Order was issued 21 October 2014, one month to the day before Sabal Trail filed in the FERC formal process in 21 November 2014. Yet not a word was said about Strom or any other LNG export by FERC or Sabal Trail in any of the FERC Scoping Meetings I went to, as I pointed out at the one 1 October 2015 in Lake City, Florida.

FE is even more a rubberstamp regulatory-captured lapdog of the fossil fuel industry than is FERC, and Strom is setting up to require no further approvals by them or anybody else: Continue reading Strom Crystal River LNG export approval 2014-10-21

Suwannee County Opposes Fracking and Revocation of Home Rule

SBOCC Chair Jason Bashaw
SBOCC Chair Jason Bashaw

Joining Forty-one different cities and 27 counties in Florida that have voted to ban fracking or have expressed their opposition to it since January 2015, Suwannee County BOCC approved three identical fracking opposition letters to Governor Scott, Pro-fracking Bill Sponsors Senator Richter  (SB 318) and House Representative Rodrigues (HB 191) tonight.
These bills also contain language that would eliminate Home Rule for local governments concerning fracking.

Chairman Jason Bashaw stated that the board was in agreement that fracking or any high pressure activity underground in Suwannee County and the entire state of Florida’s karst (sinkhole prone) topology would endanger our sole source of water the Floridan aquifer.  A risk that he and the rest of the board is not willing to take.  Chairman Bashaw also said that he and all board members take exception to the language in the bills that strip local governments of their right to home rule concerning fracking – or anything for that matter.

Fracking involves the pumping of water or acid into wells at great depths which is something you cannot do here in Florida as our aquifer which serves drinking water to 90% of the state, is unique in that the aquifer is literally beneath the ground and at the surface in the form of  thousands of springs which are the windows to our aquifer.  The state of Florida is prone to sinkholes due to the porous limestone that lies below and above the surface of the land in Florida.  This limestone topology is supported by the aquifer and affected by the depletion of it’s water.

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Atlantic Sunrise pipeline in Penn. same problems as Sabal Trail

First the good news: a Pennsylvania pipeline protester had all charges dismissed for videoing license plates at a pipeline construction site. All of those plates were from out of state: so much for pipeline company promises of local construction jobs. Much else going on in Pennsylvania sounds very familiar.

Tom Knapp, LancasterOnline, 13 November 2015, Pipeline protester not guilty of disorderly conduct for filming at construction site,

Mark Clatterbuck, a Martic Township resident and professor of religion at Montclair State University in New Jersey, was issued a summons by state police after videotaping out-of-state license plates of subcontractors working at the Williams Gas pipeline project.

The incident occurred Continue reading Atlantic Sunrise pipeline in Penn. same problems as Sabal Trail

No Fracked Gas Florida –Harriet Heywood

Wouldn’t it be convenient for fossil fuel profits if the Sabal Trail pipeline was already in place and they started fracking? Received today as a comment on Strom LNG Processing & Export In The Public Interest? What About Solar & Other Clean Energy Alternatives?; the content is the opinion of the author undersigned below. -jsq

The health of the people and the water of the state of Florida are being auctioned off by a block of elected politicians backed by big oil company lobbyists. And our House representative is one of them.

September 17, the Florida League of Women voters called a town hall in the Orlando area to address public concerns over industry plans to practice hydraulic acid fracturing on our fragile limestone aquifers. Not coincidentally, HB 191, and SB 318, bills that call for preempting Home Rule laws, for the express purpose of greasing the skids for fracking in Florida, were quietly introduced that same day by Rep Ray Wesley Rodrigues, Ft. Myers and Senator Garrett Richter, Naples.

The bill is backed by Continue reading No Fracked Gas Florida –Harriet Heywood

NextEra invests in solar while its subsidiary FPL promotes fracked methane Sabal Trail

Does it seem like FPL is the sucker in these fossil fuel deals by its parent NextEra? While the people of Florida fall far behind even New Jersey and Massachusetts in deploying solar power in the much more populous Sunshine State? You can call your local, state, and federal officials and ask them to stop the fossil fuel boondoggles and get on with solar power.

As we’ve seen, NextEra is unloading its Oklahoma fracking operation onto FPL. “Positive” effects of fracking in Oklahoma have included earthquakes.

Meanwhile, NextEra subsidiary Nextera Energy Resources has solar operations in California, Nevada, New Mexico, and even New Jersey, but not in Florida. NextEra’s Yieldco NextEra Energy Partners (NEP) is even Continue reading NextEra invests in solar while its subsidiary FPL promotes fracked methane Sabal Trail

Videos: Citizens against Sabal “Sinkhole” Trail pipeline to FERC in Albany, Moultrie, Valdosta, and Lake City

Citizens renamed Sabal Trail the Sinkhole Pipeline because it doesn’t belong in the sinkhole-prone karst limestone of the Floridan Aquifer. FERC can’t say they weren’t told, since videographers followed them through all four cities so far; see for yourself.

Albany, Monday 28 September 2015, videos by Thomas Swain

Moultrie, Tuesday 29 September 2015, videos by Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE)

“You tell us you’re sorry and it happens again”, said Continue reading Videos: Citizens against Sabal “Sinkhole” Trail pipeline to FERC in Albany, Moultrie, Valdosta, and Lake City

Shale prices driving down production and investment –Financial Times

The financial industry is losing patience with the fossil fuel industry.

Ed Crooks, Financial Times, 6 September 2015, Falling oil prices put groups with high costs under severe financial strain,

The world may run on oil, but the oil industry runs on capital, and for US shale producers that capital is starting to dry up. Continue reading Shale prices driving down production and investment –Financial Times