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  1. 5 LNG export operations are targeting the Port of Brownsville, next door to South Padre Island. 2 have recently had Open Houses here (Annova LNG & Texas LNG) and a third, Rio Grande LNG (www.riograndelng.com), has three Open Houses planned this coming week (Kingsville Tue 05-19; Raymondville Wed 05-20; & Brownsville Thur 05-21-2015): http://www.valleymorningstar.com/news/local_news/article_397be0b6-faaf-11e4-bfe2-c75ef8558c93.html.

    See our saveRGVfromLNG Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Question-Port-of-Brownsville-LNG/806304399382328

    Anything you can do to help alert the Kingsville & Raymondville folks would be greatly appreciated. We’ve got Brownsville pretty much covered. On 04-13-2015 we had 64 at a public presentation on South Padre Island. On 04-19-2015, we had a good 100+ at a demonstration on the island. We pretty much dominated the Annova & Texas Brownsville Open Houses with 20+ demonstrators outside and a bunch of us inside.

  2. How is the right of way maintenance enforced? Kinder Morgan ruined our property by sending in mowing crews while our clay based land was boggy from last fall’s rains. We have been battling with them to clean up their mess for months. The man we hire to care for our land has not been able to mow due to deep ruts Kinder Morgan left in their wake and now the grass is waist high. They, have been unresponsive and we are at our wits end. Can anyone offer advice?

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