Spectrabusters is a citizen organized, citizen run organization that spans multiple counties and states.

We oppose the Sabal Trail gas pipeline, proposed to run from Alabama to Florida. This pipeline would feed an FPL power plant in Florida for no benefit to citizens of Alabama or Georgia, while tearing a 100 foot wide right of way through all three states. There’s no excuse for another natural gas pipeline when solar power is cheaper and brings jobs and energy.

We have major concerns with the impact of the gas line, the damage done by fracking to get the gas, the safety record of Spectra, as well as the potential damage to our great area.

This site is dedicated to sharing information about the pipeline, and working with people from across the area to make sure this unnecessary pipeline is never built.

Sabal Trail Route Map

If you are interested in participating, please contact spectrabusters (at) gmail.com

You can also like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/spectrabusters . Materials on the SpectraBusters web site, facebook page, and other public media are for sharing and wide distribution.

And you can donate or buy yard signs.


Passed unanimously by SpectraBusters board 1 September 2014:

The SpectraBusters board encourages discussion, announcements of events, and other activities that contribute to the SpectraBusters goal of stopping the pipeline. However, solicitations of funds or members by any other organization using SpectraBusters facilities, such as the SpectraBusters website, facebook page, or internal email lists, is inappropriate.

To contact the SpectraBusters board about any of these or other policy issues, or about an organization being an ally, please send email to the SpectraBusters contact address: spectrabusters@gmail.com

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  1. We, who are to be victims of this “pipe line” fiasco for profit, thank you for your support.
    This is my second property take over and action for destructive purposes,. My web site tells about that take over by DEP and chosen neighbors. The web site tells a mild version of that which really happened, The real story is still a nightmare of events.

  2. So, they want to get this gas to Orlando’s power plant. The pipeline across the gulf is the very best option with the least amount of disruption of peoples and lands. Then the existing pipeline is the second option. How can building a seemingly redundant pipeline be profitable?

  3. I want to see the pipeline overlayed on an aerial map, or a GIS Shape File of the line so I can determine if my relatives are impacted. Does anyone know how I can obtain the GIS files? The ownership info is privileged so I can’t find it on the FERC site. Thanks.

  4. Natural Gas is not Clean or Safe. Fracking pollutes over 2 million gallons of water with secret hazardous chemicals for every well drilled. The poison water can never be used again. Gas leaks cause building explosions almost every day killing people every week. Leaking Natural Gas is a potent green house gas causing Global Warming. We must stop the insanity of using Natural Gas.

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