PF14-1 CP15-17 Sabal Trail Transmission

New docket CP15-17.

This is the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) docket for the pipeline through Alabama, Georgia, and Florida by Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC. (See also: how to file comments with FERC or to become an intervenor.)

Initial documents filed with FERC:

FERC docket FP14-1

LAKE blog posts:

SpectraBusters blog posts:

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10 thoughts on “PF14-1 CP15-17 Sabal Trail Transmission

  1. Please, everyone go to using docket number PF14-1 to file an ecomment objecting to the pipeline. We need to FLOOD FERC with comments. When I spoke to John Peconom he saw very few filings. I explained this is not a lack of interest but a lack of information. Many residents do not know anything about the pipeline. Our charge is to get the word out and encourage everyone to file comments with FERC.
    Together we can make a difference! is the URL to the FERC 2103 Employee Phone Director. Please feel free to call them as well.

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