March against Sabal Trail from VSU to Sabal Trail Valdosta office 2014-10-21

From VSU’s front lawn, marching up Patterson Street, Students Against Violating the Environment (S.A.V.E.) today. That’s first in 1,2,3 against Sabal Trail. They’re marching to #2, the protest in front of the Sabal Trail Valdosta office, followed by the Sabal Trail Open House in Jasper, FL, all today. Here’s S.A.V.E.’s facebook event And here’s S.A.V.E. president Adriana Taylor and former president Danielle Jordan protesting the pipeline in Leesburg, GA 10 July 2014:


Sabal pipeline protest today –VDT

You can march from VSU, go to this protest at the Sabal Trail office in Valdosta (facebook event), and onwards to 300x269 Tom Hochschild and two other protesters, in Protest against Sabal Trail Pipeline, by John S. Quarterman, 9 September 2014 the Sabal Trail Open House in Jasper, FL, all today.

Joe Adgie wrote for the VDT 21 October 2104, Sabal pipeline protest today,

VALDOSTA — Wiregrass Activists for Clean Energy will be protesting the proposed Sabal Trail Pipeline today.

The protest will be located on the corner of Park Avenue and Patterson Street from 4-5 p.m.

The VDT neglected to mention that that’s Sabal Trail’s Valdosta office address, which Sabal Trail opened back in December. Continue reading

Dougherty County Commission considers anti-Sabal Trail resolution

The same day as Sabal Trail’s Albany Open House, the local county commission considered a resolution against pipelines. Now if they’ll go for an actual ordinance with legal teeth…. And don’t forget the string of protests today, culminating in the Sabal Trail Open House in Jasper, FL.

Dougherty County Commission considers anti-pipeline resolution: Commissioner John Hayes asks board to take formal stance against natural gas pipeline,

ALBANY — A Dougherty County Commissioner asked the members of that body Monday to support a resolution formally opposing the Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline that is expected to come through the county.

District 2 Commissioner John Hayes called for Continue reading

Major fire at Didcot natural gas plant in Oxfordshire, England

Usually it’s pipelines that explode, but 20 firetrucks rushed to a methane power plant in Didcot, Oxon, tonight. Somebody remind me: why are we building more of these when solar power is cheaper, faster, cleaner, and never leaks or explodes?

BBC 19 October 2014, Major fire at gas-fired Didcot B power station, Continue reading

Strom asks FE to move LNG export application location

Dismissed by FERC for lack of payment? No worries, Strom, Inc.’s other LNG export application with the 300x153 Duke nuke and gas plant down Power Line Road, in Strom Inc. moves to Crystal River, by John S. Quarterman, for, 29 September 2014 FE is still active, and Strom asked to move the location, too, to Crystal River. Just east on Power Line Road from Duke Energy’s permantly-closed Crystal River nuke and proposed new gas plant. Strom says it would get the fracked methane from either FGT or Sabal Trail, which is either an intrastate or an interstate pipeline depending on which of Strom’s sentences you believe. No, Strom’s CEO’s name is not Loki; it’s just pronounced that way, and spelled Lokey.

Remember in July FERC dismissed Strom’s Starke LNG application for lack of fee payment. The Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy (FE) apparently has no such scruples, since its STROM INC, FE DKT. NO. 14-56-LNG was updated 29 September 2014 with Strom Inc. – Amendment to Application to Reflect New Location of the Plant, Continue reading

Sabal Trail to TECO to Jaxport for LNG export?

Marcellus Shale fracked methane through Atlantic Sunrise to Transco to Sabal Trail to TECO to Jaxport for LNG export? And maybe an explanation for why Sempra Energy, like Spectra Energy, donated to both GA Gov. Nathan Deal’s and AL Gov. Robert Bentley’s re-election campaigns. Sempra apparently wants to export Marcellus Shale gas from Jacksonville, and Sabal Trail is the proposed conduit for that through Alabama and Georgia to Florida.

John Burr wrote for Jacksonville Business Journal 10 March 2014, TECO Peoples Gas looks to expand natural gas pipeline to Jacksonville, Continue reading

Transco plans FERC filing “in the next month or so”

Sabal Trail’s source of fracked methane plans to file with FERC real soon now. Williams Company’s Transco Hillabee Expansion Project doesn’t admit it’s late like Sabal Trail, nor mention that it already blew up in 2011. Nor that the same Williams spokesperson is pushing the Atlantic Sunrise project that would feed fracked Marcellus shale gas to Transco for Sabal Trail and on to three already-approved LNG export operations in Florida.

Mitch Sneed wrote for Alexander City Outloook 18 October 2014, Natural gas pipeline plans moving forward, Continue reading

Only the two Open Houses in Albany and Jasper –John Peconom

Not finding any news about other Open Houses, I called FERC’s John Peconom, who said there were no others scheduled of which he was aware. He added that these Open Houses were organizd by Sabal Trail. I pointed out that he was attending them for FERC, so presumably he would know if there were any others. He agreed that he would. I thanked him for saving me a lot of time trying to find others. So your two choices for Sabal Trail Open Houses this month are: Continue reading

Sabal Trail delays formal FERC filing until “sometime later this year”

Sabal Trail has backed off its end-of-October FERC filing target, now saying “sometime later this year”. Opposition is having some effects!

Robert Hudson wrote for 1 October 2014, in Tallapoosa County, Alabama, where Sabal Trail proposes to start its hundred-foot gouge through three states, Company preparing to submit natural gas pipeline application to FERC, Continue reading

Sabal Trail in Albany, GA 2014-10-20

A Sabal Trail Open House in Albany, Dougherty County, GA Monday, then one in Jasper, Hamilton County, FL Tuesday. That’s the first two places in the route alternatives Sabal Trail just published. Does that mean Trenton, Gilchrist County, FL Wednesday and Kissimmee, Osceola County, FL Thursday? There is no published Open House schedule on or, so anybody who knows of more of these, let us know.

300x200 stiff upper lip: John Peconom of FERC, in FERC in Albany, by Jen Maloney, 29 September 2014 facebook event created today by Jen Maloney:

Sabal Trail “Open House”

Monday, October 20 at 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Hilton Garden Inn Albany Hotel
101 S Front St, Albany, Georgia 31701

The picture is by Continue reading