Spectra Energy and gas pipeline campaign contributions to GA Gov. Nathan Deal

Tied for number 3 and receiving $10,000 in 2014 Top Vendors/Recipients from Spectra Energy according to OpenSecrets.org: Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia, where Spectra wants to gouge a 100-foot right of way for its 36-inch fracked methane Sabal Trail pipeline. Actually, Nathan Deal’s campaign committee has accepted at least $21,300 from natural gas pipeline companies, including $15,000 from companies that build LNG export terminals (Sempra and AECOM) or that build pipelines to LNG export terminals (Spectra and AECOM). and $6,300 from an Alabama pipeline supply company (Consolidated Pipe & Supply Company).

Tied with Deal for third and also receiving $10,000 from Spectra:

  • Governor Robert J. Bentley of Alabama, where the Sabal Trail pipeline starts, connecting to Williams Transco’s Hillabee Expansion Project, which along with Sabal Trail and FSC forms the Southeast Market Expansion Project.

  • Governor Bill Haslam of Tennessee, where Spectra wants to start its same-size Renaissance Pipeline to run through northeast Alabama and north Georgia past Atlanta.

Let’s look at candidate Nathan Deal’s most recent Georgia campaign contribution disclosure report contributions, for June 30th 2014: Continue reading

A methane pipeline company sues a newspaper about publishing open records

How desperate is the pipeline industry getting? One has gone so far as to demand a court grant it veto power over public open records.

Kala Kachmar, Montgomery Advertiser, 17 September 2014, Alagasco sues Advertiser to stop use of pipe safety plan,

Alabama Gas Corporation has taken legal action to attempt to stop the Montgomery Advertiser from publishing or writing about the company’s document that outlines a plan to ensure the safety of gas pipes.

The document, Alagasco’s Distribution Integrity Management Plan (DIMP), was obtained in June through a public records request to the Alabama Public Service Commission (PSC), which oversees the state’s utilities.

All gas companies are required by the federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration to file a plan that assures pipeline safety and integrity with the state entity that oversees utility companies.

The regulation requires Continue reading

Sabal Trail Response to FERC directive of 26 August 2014

Would it or wouldn’t it cross the Withlacoochee River in Florida? (It certainly would in Georgia by 4 out of 5 proposed paths.) And Sabal Trail poo-poohed all four of Greenlaw’s suggested Alternatives, but FERC could still require any one of them. Here are Sabal Trail’s own maps of Greenlaw Alternatives 1-4:

GreenLaw Alternative 1, in Response to FERC directive of 26 August 2014, by Sabal Trail Transmission, for SpectraBusters.org, 15 September 2014 GreenLaw Alternative 2, in Response to FERC directive of 26 August 2014, by Sabal Trail Transmission, for SpectraBusters.org, 15 September 2014 Continue reading

Outrage over noise and health effects of Sabal Trail pipeline in Albany, GA

Noise, land-use, health, and a planned joint meeting with county and city Commissions of Dougherty County and Albany. But will they actually pass an ordinance with legal effect? How about get a judge to rule that the pipeline company is not acting in public service for Georgia and therefore cannot use eminent domain like a judge in Kentucky did?

Franklin White wrote for WFXL 15 September 2014, Residents voice health concerns about possible pipeline.

It was a packed house Monday as Dougherty County residents asked the Dougherty County Commission to formulate a noise ordinance.

Christian McKinney wrote for WALB 15 September 2014, Dougherty Co. to meet, discuss controversial Sabal pipeline, Continue reading

We grow increasingly concerned –Dougherty County Commission to FERC

All members of the Dougherty County Commission signed a letter saying “we grow increasingly concerned” that FERC and Sabal Trail aren’t listening to concerns of Dougherty County citizens. And that was after one August meeting of citizens discussing and opposing that fracked methane pipeline; Dougherty County citizens have held at least four such meetings by now. Maybe the Dougherty County Commission would like to take legal action by passing a land-use ordinance regulating pipelines. many other County Commissions that are going to be affected by And maybe the Alternative 1, Alternative 2, or Alternative 3 if the pipeline gets moved from its current proposed path might want to also take action.

389x300 Page-12 Limited Warranty Deed, Down Home Plantation to Sabal Trail (5 of 5), in We grow increasingly concerned, by Dougherty County Commission, 25 August 2014 Here are images of the pages the Dougherty County Commission sent to FERC 5 September 2014, starting with the two pages of the Commission’s letter dated 25 August 2014, three pages of a stakeholder writeup signed by Dinorah Hall, two pages not depicted that were broken TIFFs, but presumably contained the 13 August 2014 Albany Herald story about the South Dougherty League meeting, 300x242 Parcel 00312/00001/01S on Lily Pond Road and Newton Road, in We grow increasingly concerned, by Dougherty County Commission, 25 August 2014 and a Limited Warrantee Deed dated 24 May 2014 transferring 79.184 acres from Down Home Plantation LLC to Sabal Trail Transmission LLC, which. the Dougherty County Commission guesses is for a compressor station.

It’s not like that land transfer is a secret. Searching for Sabal Trail in Continue reading

FERC dismissed Strom Starke LNG for lack of fee payment

One thing up with which even FERC will not put is a late filing fee! FERC warned Strom about that $24,260 filing fee on 21 July 2014. One month and one day later, FERC called the whole thing off. But don’t assume that means Strom is giving up: it may be back with another try for Starke, in Bradford County, Florida, in the Santa Fe River watershed and a short truck drive to the St Johns River watershed. And remember three other Florida LNG export operations already have authorization from DoE’s Office of Fossil Energy.

Debra Johnson found this FERC Strom denial. It was also noted by Ted Monroe in LNG Industry 1 September 2014, FERC dismisses Strom LNG petition, Continue reading

Is the Sabal Trail pipeline necessary? –Lori McCraney

Lori McCraney of 
Suwannee Alliance for Sustainable Growth wrote in the Suwannee Democrat 11 September 2014, Guest commentary — Is the Sabal Trail pipeline necessary?

I am pleased that the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners has issued a resolution challenging the location of the Sabal Trail pipeline in the vicinity of the Withlacoochee River. Hamilton County resident Chris Mericle did an excellent job of explaining the risks of locating the pipeline in such fragile karst terrain. Sable Trails LLC quickly responded by saying that it will move the crossing to the west, possibly crossing the Suwannee River somewhere near the Suwannee River State Park.

The same problems still exist with tunneling under the Withlacoochee River in Lowndes County, Georgia and tunneling under the Suwannee River at two locations in Suwannee County. As Mr. Mericle explained about drilling under our rivers, “The horizontal directional drilling could intersect spring conduits, affect spring well flows, and ultimately river base flow. Grouting in this cavernous, Continue reading

Citizens meet against Spectra’s Algonquin pipeline

Safety, property values, insurance, schools: same concerns about Spectra’s Algonquin pipeline as about its Sabal Trail pipeline. Plus Algonquin runs by the safety-paper-forging Indian Point nuke! Nothing to worry about, says Spectra’s Marylee Hanley, same as she said about that compressor leak at Steckman Ridge, and same as Spectra said about Searsmont, Maine, where residents say they were lied to. New York residents aren’t buying that; they don’t want their property and lives risked for LNG export profit. They already had 50 people in a meeting in July, and they’re doing more. And FERC has actually denied a Spectra Algonquin pipeline permit before; time to do it again!

Lanning Taliaferro wrote for Ossining-Croton-on-Hudson Patch 25 August 2014, Opponents Set Sept. 3, 4, 13 Info Sessions on Natural Gas Pipeline Project,

Residents and elected officials throughout Westchester and Putnam Continue reading

OpEd: Spectra Energy: Trust Facts Not Promises –Mike Benard

By Mike Benard today in the Peekskill, NY Daily Voice. -jsq

OpEd: Spectra Energy: Trust Facts Not Promises,

Speaking from experience with Spectra Energy, property owners and communities can expect the company (NYSE: SE) will not do what it says it will in terms of transparency and accountability; and the company will develop amnesia when questioned about its actual track record relating to safety and federal fines.

Managing by fact is simple. If communities and local governments want to know what to expect from Spectra Energy, ask folks who live with its facilities today.

For example, property owners in Bedford County, Pa. (about Continue reading

Fourth Dougherty County meeting against Sabal Trail pipeline

A resident who lives next to the proposed compressor station site, and Gordon Rogers, Flint Riverkeeper, were among those seen in this meeting and not in previous Dougherty County meetings.

Courtney Highfield wrote for WFXL 5 September 2014, Residents concerned about Sabal Trail pipeline,

Gordon Rogers, Flint Riverkeeper About a year ago is when the county first learned Sabal Trail’s interest in bringing a natural gas pipeline to the county. There have been several meetings since then to get the community involved.

County commissioners, former commissioners, and other officials say the pipeline won’t bring any jobs or money to the area and they warned of the noise and annoyance it will cause.

Jennifer Maloney is a resident who spoke out and said Continue reading