No landowner list for you –Andrea Grover

After Beth Gordon asked a contractor for a list of affected landowners, she tried asking Andrea Grover of Spectra Energy:

No landowner list for you –Andrea Grover
Video by Beth Gordon for SpectraBusters,
9 December 2013, Levy County, Florida

Beth notes:

This was their second meeting- this time they sent Andrea Grover. A young representative (one guy) was there from FERC. He said he had no idea about the 21 LNG permits, and the two at the ports in FL, but stressed that the pipeline has not yet been approved- he said there has to be at least two years of environmental impact studies done- none have been done yet he said.

I did have a chance to ask Sabal Trail people, on camera, for a list of affected landowners. The reaction was pretty funny. They are NOT parting with that list. The local people-handler Larry Gordon is looking weary- I think he’s tired of taking advantage of people.

YouTube playlist of both video clips.


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