Follow a route that utilizes public right of ways –Keren Wynn to FERC

Filed with FERC 24 November 2013:

Keren Wynn, Valdosta, GA.

I understand the need for this pipeline, but I am very concerned about the associated safety risks and the negative impact it will have on private property owners in Lowndes and Brooks Counties. Our daughter’s best friend and her family are directly affected with the proposed pipeline being located just a few feet from their home. I have concerns for the safety of this family and for my daughter based on reports of numerous explosions of these types of pipelines in other areas. This pipeline will run through a rural area that is only served by volunteer fire departments that are not capable of handling this type of potential disaster. The focus for Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC is on profits and not for the safety or well being of residents of this area. The proposed route should not directly affect private land owners. This project should be required to follow a route that utilizes public right of ways. Thank you for your assistance.

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