Sabal Trail submits alignment drawings to FERC

Not much change in routes, according to most observers so far, in the maps Sabal Trail Transmission LLC filed with FERC 2 April 2014.

Lisa A. Connolly’s cover letter for Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC by Sabal Trail Management, LLC, Its Operator (notice the two levels of shell companies) to Ms. Kimberley D. Bose, Secretary, FERC says:

On October 16, 2013, the Director of the Office of Energy Projects issued a letter in the above-referenced docket approving the request of Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC (“Sabal Trail”) to commence the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (“Commission”) Pre-Filing Review Process for its proposed Sabal Trail Project (“Project”). Per the request of Commission Staff, Sabal Trail herewith submits draft photo-based 1:500 scale Project alignment drawings, reflecting the current survey corridor. A more refined Project alignment will be filed with the full set of draft resource reports planned to be filed with the Commission in June 2014 which will include a number of reroutes being considered now and following the scoping period.

She copied John Peconom and Jessica Harris of FERC.

You can see all the filings with FERC about the Sabal Trail pipeline by going to Docket Search and entering docket number PF14-1. That includes everything Sabal Trail has filed, FERC responses, and so many citizen and organizational e-comments that you’ll see this at the top:

This is a very large query. The download will take longer than the usual time.

That search works for all three pipeline pieces:

  • PF14-6: Transco’s Hillabee Expansion Project
  • PF14-1: Spectra and FPL’s Sabal Trail Transmission
  • PF14-2: FPL’s Florida Southeast Connection

Only Sabal Trail filed alignment maps Wednesday.


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