Carib-Crowley LNG export from Martin County, FL

Another LNG export authorization at the end of the Southeast Market Pipelines Project (Transco -> Sabal Trail -> Florida Southeast Connection) in Martin County, Florida, in addition to the one already approved. Will FPL, Spectra, Williams, and FERC claim to know nothing about this one, too? They sure didn’t tell us anything about it during the Open Houses or Scoping Meetings.

Joe Fisher wrote for NGI 25 October 2013, Containerized LNG Cutting Puerto Rico Power Costs,

For non-FTA exports, Carib is in contract negotiations to finalize an offtake agreement for LNG from BP Energy Co. at a liquefaction facility being developed in Martin County, FL, called Floridian Natural Gas Storage Co. LLC. If DOE “…grants Carib’s non-FTA application, Carib could commence exporting LNG upon completion of the facility at the end of 2015. Unlike other applicants listed on the Order of Precedence, Carib would not have to await further FERC approvals or authorization,” the filing said.

It’s U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy (FE) that has that non-FTA application. That’s the same FERC-approved Floridian Natural Gas Storage Co. LLC that AES plans to buy from for its FE-authorized LNG exports to FTA countries.

Here’s FE docket 11-141-LNG, which apparently does not yet include actual authorization. Here’s Carib’s application to FE for non-FTA LNG export, which names Floridian Natural gas Storage Company, LLC in Martin County, Florida. Note that application for LNG export to non-FTA countries says Carib already has FE authorization for LNG export to FTA countries.

So that’s two FE-authorized LNG export customers right at the end of the Southeast Market Pipelines Project that none of Williams, Spectra, FPL, or FERC ever mentioned, so far as I know.

We’ve heard of Carib Energy and its parent Crowley Maritime Corp. before. Crowley is based in Jacksonville, FL, and Jaxport is also eyeing LNG export. Plus there’s a closer connection; see next post.

Why the rush for LNG exports?

Carib was the first to apply at DOE to export containerized LNG to South and Central America and the Caribbean. Others have followed with similar plans, the company said.

“…[F]or the past nearly three years, Carib has been marketing its prospective LNG sale and distribution solution in its target geographic markets, representing to its potential customers that it could deliver LNG to them in 2014 or 2015,” the filing said. “As a result, certain potential customers of Carib, which have been planning to convert their facilities from diesel fuel to gas in imminent anticipation of being supplied by Carib, are delaying or forgoing such plans, or moving to alternative sources of energy.”

Right there at the end: “moving to alternative sources of energy.” What’s got more sun than the Sunshine State? Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Delays in LNG exports let solar power spread even faster. Delay this profiteering environmental hazard long enough and it will become obvious that there’s no need for it at all.


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