FPL’s hometown newspaper about Sabal Trail pipeline opposition

The Palm Beach Post is located 15 miles from FPL’s headquarters in Juno Beach, and right at the end of the extra pipeline FPL built from the end of the Transco -> Sabal -> FSC pipeline the last few miles to the sea, which would make LNG export even more convenient.

Susan Salisbury wrote yesterday for the Palm Beach Post, FPL’s proposed $3.5 billion natural gas pipeline faces opposition,

Beth Gordon, a former Wellington resident, moved to Williston in rural Levy County five years ago. She and her husband own a 32-acre horse farm there.

“It’s as close to perfect as it gets. Except now I’m being forced to accept an outrageous risk that I want no part of,” said Gordon, an attorney.

And why should Floridians or Georgians or Alabamans have to accept that risk for the profit of FPL or of Houston-based Spectra Energy?


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