Listen to the people you are supposed to protect –Laura Dailey to FERC

“We have the opportunity to be world leaders in the renewable energy revolution! Shall we let that opportunity go to Germany or China, by default?”

Filed with FERC 15 November 2014:

Laura Dailey, fort white, FL.

On this final day to plead my/our case, it is time for the FERC to look at the bigger picture and stop caving to the short term fixes. We are in trouble, and you can help by voting to DENY THE SABAL TRAIL METHANE PIPELINE! Leave the gas in the ground…..where it’s already conveniently stored!

EVERY DAY we wake to an invitation from the sun! In fact, the planet itself runs on solar, and most European countries already understand this. Even China just made a huge commitment to solar. Contrary to what the lobbyists are telling you, FLORIDA DOES NOT NEED THIS GAS!!

From the standpoint of transparency, there is none! I have asked MANY times already….who will mitigate a canopy fire? A wildfire? Not our small-town VOLUNTEER fire departments, with outdated equipment and certainly no equipment for aerial response! Sabal/Spectra has already admitted that they do not hold adequate insurance for a catastrophic event, and their safety record is woefully poor, but we should trust them?

We MUST begin to invest as much as we can in renewable energy sources as soon as possible! Even so, it will take at least a decade to make the necessary conversions.

We, the people are already in conservation mode, why not the biggest consumers of fossil fuels…..COMMERCIAL users? Caps in emissions are what we need, not MORE emissions! There are currently over 3000 IDENTIFIED methane leaks in the city of Boston, and over 5000 in DC, that nobody is doing anything about! What about other large cities? Methane from gas infrastructure is leaking into the atmosphere at alarming rates (now visible from space on infrared), and all the gas people can think to do is build more! Einstein said it….SAME thinking will NOT solve the problem!!

This pipeline is about companies in Houston and other states making BILLIONS, while we in GA and FL take all the risk, with no real return. Duke Energy has already said “we don’t need Sabal’s gas to provide what south Florida needs to convert from coal to methane and what company in it’s right mind will spend 4 billion dollars to furnish gas to one million homes….the math doesn’t add up.

They clearly have other plans, and while all of this continues to be discussed among those who have never been here, they are completely unaware that what is at risk is the SINGLE LARGEST SOURCE OF FRESH SPRING WATER ON EARTH, not to mention the degradation of the atmosphere, the very air we breathe.

Please start using your critical thinking skills and do your job….

“The purpose of the Commission is to protect the public and energy customers”.

We have the opportunity to be world leaders in the renewable energy revolution! Shall we let that opportunity go to Germany or China, by default?

Stop listening to the lobbyists and start listening to the people you are supposed to protect!!

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