Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear SpectraBusters and Allies,

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks to all who get out on the street, into the halls of government, or on the media: public awareness is the key to winning this fight.

Thanks to all who quietly and often anonymously help behind the scenes, providing information, talking to their neighbors, and perhaps most importantly, defending their own property from this foreign invader.

Thanks to all the Allies throughout the U.S. and the world, who oppose this and other pipelines, fracking, and LNG export, or who fight for property rights, for the common environmental heritage of humanity, for fossil fuel divestment, and for a brighter day through renewable sun, wind, and water power, with clean air, water, and jobs here where we need them.

Thanks to those local, state, and national elected officials who are starting to turn out to help we the people against corporate greed. Thank you for helping break the clammy grip of the fossil fuel industry from our political system.

Thanks to the news media, who are increasingly catching on to the half-truths, prevarications and financial political influence of our opponents. The media are also starting to see that the 20th century solutions to 21st century energy issues of our opponents are outdated and soon will be history as the carbon bubble pops. The sun will rise, no matter what the fossil fuel industry and its utility cronies do. Meanwhile, we don’t have to accept their unnecessary, destructive, hazardous, and outdated pipelines, and the media are starting to recognize that.

Thanks to the general public, who as they learn about all these things, are overwhelmingly against the invading profiteers, for private property rights and a clean environment, and for a clean renewable energy future.

I cannot say for sure we will win. I can say that with all of us together in our diversity, winning is possible!

I thank you; the SpectraBusters board thanks you.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


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