FWW petition against FPL fracking

Tampa Bay Times opposes FPL fracking Oklahoma to send fracked methane through the Sabal Trail pipeline, and so can you, through this petition by Food & Water Watch: Tell PSC to deny Florida Power & Light’s request for fracked gas!

Remember, FPL’s parent NextEra Energy is buying into green energy in Hawaii. FPL should do the same in the Sunshine State.

You can also write letters to the editor, like Vickie Machado sent to the Miami Herald Don’t allow fracking in Florida, 6 December 2014,

Miami Herald, thank you for shedding light on Florida Power & Light’s new proposal to get into the fracking industry in your Dec. 2 article, FPL asks for OK to drill for gas….

This deal will be funded entirely by customers.

Why not build out wind and solar instead, options that provide lower costs to customers, help create a sustainable energy system, and provide jobs to Florida’s economy rather than jobs elsewhere fracking for natural gas?

As FPL customers, we should demand the Public Service Commission, the agency in charge of this decision, deny FPL’s request.

And if you live in Florida, you can ask your state legislator to stop FPL from fracking, plus supporting the legislation to ban fracking in Florida covered by WCTV 2 December 2014, Senators Soto and Bullard File Legislation Banning Fracking,

“Florida is home to scenic beaches, wonderful springs and the legendary Everglades. This natural beauty, in turn, fosters a strong tourism industry, annually attracting many new residents to our shores. It must be preserved” said Senator Soto. “We Floridians also get the vast majority of our water supply from ground water through the Floridan Aquifer. This critical water source must be protected from pollution to assure ample, clean water for future generations.”

“Just last month, Floridians overwhelmingly supported protecting our natural resources and the environment,” said Senator Bullard. “This bill reinforces the people’s will by banning an operation dangerous to both.”

No fracking. No pipeline. Yes solar and wind!


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