PR: SpectraBusters sends Outreach against Sabal Trail pipeline and for solar power to Rally in Tallahassee


Fort White, Florida — Maximizing her speaking skills, Laura Dailey resigned from the SpectraBusters Board to be unanimously appointed Director of Community Outreach & Speaker’s Bureau, with first stop speaking against the Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline and for solar power in Tallahassee Wednesday March 18th at the Floridians for Clean Water & Amendment 1 Rally in Tallahassee.

Laura Dailey said, “Who here loves to paddle our rivers and hike our scenic trails? WE are the stewards of these wonders, and we stand dangerously close to losing them to a company from Houston, Texas. A company woefully undereducated about our pristine landscape, and fragile Karst terrain, and who, until they came here, had no idea that our springs heartland is the single largest source of fresh spring water on earth!”

Remembering her excellent questions at the Gilchrist County Commission and to WALB in Leesburg, Georgia, the SpectraBusters Board enthusiastically and unanimously appointed Dailey to travel and speak and get the word out. Spectra Energy and NextEra Energy (parent of FPL), co-owners of Sabal Trail Transmission LLC, might like for few to hear of their proposed use of eminent domain for an environmentally damaging and hazardous pipeline without proven need, but SpectraBusters aims to get the word out, and Laura Dailey will go where she’s needed to do that.

Dailey explained, “How much sense does it make to transmit methane hundreds of miles, under extreme pressure through a potentially highly explosive pipeline, when the sun, is right there, and can be captured, converted, and used right from our rooftops, our parking lots and our roadways? Germany is now a world leader in renewable energy, with at least 25% coming from solar. Last may, they produced 22 gigawatts of energy from the sun….that’s half of the world’s total, & the equivalent of 20 nuclear power plants! Why Not Florida?”

Numerous sponsors are holding the Floridans for Clean Water 7 Amendment 1 Rally on the steps of the old Capitaol in Tallahassee tomorrow, February 18th, 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM, at 400 S. Monroe Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399. See

Laura Dailey added, “A huge thank you to Sierra Club Florida, and especially Cris Costello, for putting this very important rally together, and for inviting me.”

About SpectraBusters

Spectrabusters is a citizen organized, citizen run organization that spans mul tiple counties and states, with board members in all three states where Sabal Trail proposes to gouge their pipeline: Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.


Laura Dailey, Fort White, FL, 904-482-6137,

SpectraBusters, Inc.,,


3 thoughts on “PR: SpectraBusters sends Outreach against Sabal Trail pipeline and for solar power to Rally in Tallahassee

  1. I wish I could be there in Tallahassee on the 18th for the rally but I have to work. Nevertheless, to all I have good news, Alton’s 7KW Solar Project in Coolidge Georgia is complete with the exception of the EMC installing a bi-directional meter and Mr. Jackson starting it up. I’m so excited I can’t hardly wait. Also I’ll be in Cairo Saturday to go with Julie Shutters and the others with Adopt-A-Stream to collect water samples. thank you all, Alton

  2. I had a good day with Ms.Julie Shutters of the Golden Triangle and Ms. Margaret Tyson of the Ochlocknee River Water Trails and others as we did our training in taking water samples. We worked Hwy 111 just east of Meigs, Georgia and we were introduced to three sites in our water shed. Big Creek, Lost Creek, and the Little Ochlocknee I took a lot of pictures and I am ashamed to report the tremendous amount of litter that we saw at every site. This is going to take a lot of work to clean our rivers up and I hope we can inspire the people of our area to get involved and volunteer. We must all take more pride in this beautiful part of the country we are blessed to live in and help deliver healthier rivers to the great state of Florida.

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