Videos: Citizens against Sabal “Sinkhole” Trail pipeline to FERC in Albany, Moultrie, Valdosta, and Lake City

Citizens renamed Sabal Trail the Sinkhole Pipeline because it doesn’t belong in the sinkhole-prone karst limestone of the Floridan Aquifer. FERC can’t say they weren’t told, since videographers followed them through all four cities so far; see for yourself.

Albany, Monday 28 September 2015, videos by Thomas Swain

Moultrie, Tuesday 29 September 2015, videos by Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE)

“You tell us you’re sorry and it happens again”, said Alton Burns of Coolidge about pipeline leaks, fires, and explosions, setting the tone for the whole evening, which ended with local landowners calling the whole process a farce and a hoax. As attorney Jonathan Waters said, South Georgia is a home, not a pipeline easement.

All the LAKE videos from Moultrie: A farce, a hoax, and wrong: citizens about Sabal to FERC in Moultrie 2015-09-29

Valdosta, Wednesday 30 September 2015, videos by Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE)

Sinkholes, explosions, and other risks to our rivers, lands, and wildlife for no benefit from the Sinkhole Trail, plus FERC and its environmental contractor are paid by the pipeline companies, but still we can win, said local landowners and others to FERC in Valdosta last night, as you can see in these LAKE videos.

Sabal Trail bad for VSU, rivers, animals, landowners, and community: to FERC in Valdosta 2015-09-30

Lake City, Thursday 1 October 2015, videos by Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE)

“What you all have proposed is total insanity…. experts lie… The companies, they don’t care. It’s just greed and arrogance,” said a Marcellus Shale drilling veteran. Karst mitigation won’t work according to Sabal Trail’s own FERC filings, children downwind of compressor, Sabal Trail quashing evidence of its unwanted, unneeded, and unsafe Sinkhole Pipeline, and FERC is cigarette companies pushing cancer cigarettes: on the wrong side of history. We aren’t your test subjects and we can win!

Here are all the LAKE videos from Lake City: Insanity: Sabal Trail pipeline in karst sinkhole Floridan Aquifer @ FERC Lake City 2015-10-01

This was the big surprise: Pipeline in Floridan Aquifer is total insanity —Marcellus Shale drilling veteran @ FERC Lake City 2015-10-01

And Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson of Our Santa Fe River (OSFR) found 3,500 mentions of karst issues in a document Sabal Trail filed while these meetings were going on. This appears to be the document: Accession Number: 20150930-5037, “Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC submits its response to DEIS Condition No. 29 and Minor Reroute and Workspace Modifications under CP15-17.”

Water is more important than fossil fuels.

Solar power is taking over already.

No pipeline!


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