Sabal Trail wants to plow through oak grove and horse pasture in Lake County

Sue Avera reports from Lake County, Florida:

Oak Grove, parcel 3353412, Lake County, Florida My name is Sue Avera I have a property in Groveland Fl. I board, train, breed. sell, show, horses and I also coach my clients at equine competitions. I have been here for 19 yrs doing business from this property and was at my former address in this business for 21 yrs. Sabal Trails is putting pipleine through my east 6 acres. It will go right down the middle of the property, rendering it useless until they leave. this is 1/3 of my work space. It will also take down a 150+ Oak Hammock that is my only shade on that 6 acres. I am not going to be able to safely even continue my work without renting a barn and arena so that I can keep my clients.

This is the oak grove:

Oak Grove, parcel 3353412, Lake County, Florida

She also says Spectra has offered less than they gave other local businesses, and she’s having difficulty finding appropriate legal representation. Florida’s promise of paying for eminent domain attorneys may not be all it’s cracked up to be.


2 thoughts on “Sabal Trail wants to plow through oak grove and horse pasture in Lake County

  1. The Sabal Trail pipeline feeds the proposed Liquefied Natural Gas plant in Indiantown, Martin County, plus many more on the drawing board (2 in Jacksonville, one in Titusville and another in Hialeah. The purpose of the pipeline and the LNG plants is for export of our natural resources. While a few get rich, the many suffer … LNG is slated to be transported on our rails … how the Village people will howl when one or more of those LNG tank cars become “breached,” 90% methane gas mixes with the air, ignites from any source 5 miles away – now we will have the world’s largest Roman Candle! Oh, did I mention no local fire dept. is equipped to put out this fire – a blaze than burn 40 times hotter than a normal natural gas fire and, and, wait for it – when water comes in contact with LNG, an explosion will occur.

    You think you have trouble now … wait for LNG to hit the rails and to be trucked on our highways.

    Always remember, “Knowledge is Power”

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