Help stop pipelines: donate to SpectraBusters today

You can donate to SpectraBusters to help stop the unnecessary, environmentally damaging, and hazardous Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline, and its siblings Transco Hillabee and FSC, too.

You can help pay for contacting landowners (so they’ll hear something more than pipeline company PR), for contacting the public with billboards (currently we’re aiming for I-75 southbound near Lake City), and other work, ranging from research possibly up to legal assistance. Donate online today!

And don’t forget to send an ecomment to FERC.

Policy passed unanimously by SpectraBusters board 1 September 2014

The SpectraBusters board encourages discussion, announcements of events, and other activities that contribute to the SpectraBusters goal of stopping the pipeline. However, solicitations of funds or members by any other organization using SpectraBusters facilities, such as the SpectraBusters website, facebook page, or internal email lists, is inappropriate.

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