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Albany, MGAG, and Brooks County, GA moved to intervene with Sabal Trail

Yesterday’s crop of intervenors included Brooks County, Georgia, Albany Audubon Society, and Albany, Georgia, the county seat of Dougherty County, which filed the previous day, Today’s the deadline! Here’s how to file a motion to intervene.

Plus yesterday the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia (MGAG) filed. MGAG is the customer Sabal Trail claimed in Georgia so it could try to exercise Georgia eminent domain. Sabal Trail said Dougherty and Colquitt were the counties despite both Dougherty County and Albany having already passed resolutions wanting no Sabal Trail in their city, county, or state, Colquitt County having passed a resolution against the pipeline, and the Mayor of Moultrie saying on WCTV that Moultrie had never been asked if they needed or wanted any gas.

Maybe today we’ll see motions to intervene by Lowndes County and Valdosta, both of which have passed resolutions against the pipeline.

That Brooks County motion is hard to find, being filed as Continue reading Albany, MGAG, and Brooks County, GA moved to intervene with Sabal Trail

Not one, but two resolutions proposed for next week against Sabal Trail

Tuesday, Lowndes County will finally vote on the resolution they already sent to FERC.

That same day, 9 December 2014, the Valdosta City Council will consider a resolution in support of Lowndes County’s opposition to the Sabal Trail pipeline, and quite likely the Valdosta City Council will vote on their resolution Thursday 11 December 2014.

This is excellent news to close the week in which Moultrie’s Mayor said on WCTV Moultrie, the county seat of Colquitt County, one of the two counties Sabal Trail said was one the two “as having the greatest potential to need additional gas supplies in the future”, that Moultrie wasn’t asked about Sabal Trail’s agreement with the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia (MGAG). This week in which the Valdosta Daily Times quoted Spectra’s Andrea Grover backtracking on eminent domain.

A week now closed with two resolutions proposed for voting next week against Sabal Trail.