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South Georgia pipeline trials

11AM 10 July 2014, Leesburg, Georgia, according to the Clerk of Court in Lee County: Sabal Trail Transmission v. James E. Bell II and Robert Bell, Case number 14CV208RS. Others tell me the Bells are countersuing Sabal Trail for going on their property despite being told not to. Whatever is decided there will affect every other pipeline land access case. This is an opportunity for pipeline opponents from everywhere to help: show up at the hearing, write a letter of support for the Bells, maybe even file a legal brief, or demonstrate nearby.

There was another case Continue reading South Georgia pipeline trials

Reports of Sabal Trail going on property without permission

According to reliable sources, Sabal Trail is going on people’s property without permission, repeatedly, today. This is in Georgia.

Everyone please be on the lookout.

Anyone willing to take pictures and send them, we can post them anonymously.

If anyone is willing to go on the record, that’s even better.

Pipeline companies should be aware that people take trespassing seriously.