Gas pipeline explosion evacuates Texas town

And this was only a 10 inch pipeline, unlike the 36 inch one Spectra wants to build through here.

Joe Kemp wrote for New York Daily News today, Small Texas town forced to evacuate after gas pipeline explodes: Officials called for locals to evacuate the small town of Milford after the gas pipeline exploded on Thursday. There were no immediate reports of any injuries.

A small Texas town had to be evacuated after a 10-inch natural gas pipeline exploded on Thursday, officials said.

A construction crew accidentally drilled into the liquified petroleum gas line—operated by Chevron Corp.—before the pipe burst into flames in Milford shortly after 10 a.m., officials said.

All workers were accounted for and no serious injuries were reported.

A raging fire continued to burn for at least a couple of hours after the line exploded in an open field inside the town of about 700 people….

The county’s sheriff ordered an evacuation in Milford—which is about 50 miles south of Dallas—in case the blaze ignited any other gas lines.

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