Stop this rape of the “stakeholders” homes, farms, and lands –Sandra Y Jones to FERC

Filed with FERC 31 December 2013:

Sandra Y Jones, Moultrie, GA.

Sabal Trails Transmission LLC is attempting to install another 36 inch natural gas pipeline which will deliver 1 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day through Alabama, Georgia, and Florida based on a need for more fuel to run a new power plant.

They state this gas line will produce enough power for 4 million homes. They state their Gulfstream line, which they own with Williams Company, delivers 1.26 billion Bcf/day to Florida and that is enough to produce electricity for 4.5 million homes. Florida Gas Transmission sends nearly 3 billion Bcf/day. This line produces enough energy to power 13.5 million homes. This amount of natural gas would collectively produce enough power for twenty-two million homes according to Spectra’s information.

The total population for Florida is 19.32 million and 2.58 persons live in each household. According to the US Census 2012 repost, there are 9,031,051 households in the entire state. Also of interest is that presently only 60% of the power produced in Florida is produced by natural gas.

There is no need for this new pipeline. Sabal Trails is misrepresenting the truth. In a state where there are only 9,031,051 households why is enough natural gas needed to produce power for over 22,000,000 households needed? These figures only represent the three major lines and do not consider the KinderMorgan line or other smaller ones also coming into the state.

It becomes very obvious this natural gas is intended for exportation and will not benefit any of the citizens in Alabama, Georgia, or Florida if one looks at the business models of Spectra and NextERA Energies.

FERC you must act. Stop this rape of the “stakeholders” homes, farms, and lands. Rescind you pre-filing permit for this project immediately. You are charged with over-seeing disclosure by this company to the public and they have repeatedly abused this process.

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5 thoughts on “Stop this rape of the “stakeholders” homes, farms, and lands –Sandra Y Jones to FERC

  1. One footnote:
    Just read in the local newspaper Tuesday evening electricity consumption is going down and in fact this past year it reached the same level as consumption in 2003. This is thought to be due to better construction practices and more efficient appliances. This makes the “need” even less.

    This should prove this project cannot claim eminent domain rights.

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