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Filed with FERC 27 November 2013 by Dinorah Hall:

November 26, 2013

Dear Matthew J. Calvert,

We, the undersigned, are landowners who have received several letters from Sabal Trail Transmission Pipeline LLC’s agents and attorneys informing us of Sabal’s intent to enter our respective properties to conduct surveys in connection with the FERC Docket No. PF14-1. Originally, some of us had given consent to the company to conduct the surveys. However, based on recent events including the company’s refusal to provide us with details about its proposal and its efforts to harass us with visits, letters and phone calls about the survey, we hereby RESCIND our original permission.

We do not believe that you have a right to come on our property to conduct surveys. We have looked at a copy of the statute, OBCA 22-3-88 online (here http://statutes.laws.com/georgia/title-22/chapter-3/article-4/22-3-88) and it says that the pipeline has the power of eminent domain—but your letter explicitly says that the company will not be exercising eminent domain. If eminent domain is not involved at this point, we do not understand the reason for surveying the property.

We also have not been given any information about the need to come on our property at this time. The company has already started a pre-filing process at FERC so clearly, it has already identified several routes without the need to conduct surveys. It seems that the requests for surveys at this stage are intended to harass landowners and are not necessary to prepare the application.

As you know, we have tried to work with the company to propose alternative routes that would avoid our land entirely and our input was ignored. We have also asked for detailed information about certain routes and that has not been provided. In fact, you have not even provided information about the types of surveys that you want to conduct, what kind of information you have already or whether you would disturb or damage our property. In short, given that the company does not want to cooperate and has not been forthcoming, we see no reason to voluntarily grant access to our property.

Therefore, please be advised that you are NOT authorized to access our land for the purpose of conducting surveys for the proposed project. Should you attempt to access our property, we intend to notify law enforcement and explore other potential legal remedies.

Nanart Properties 1702 Lynwood Lane, Albany, GA 31707-3740
John T. Phillips, III 401 Byron Plantation, Albany, Ga 31721
Gerry W. Hall 5400 Old Dawson Rd, Albany, GA 31721
Robert V. Barkley 5225 Gillionville Rd Albany, GA 31721-8927

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