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We hereby RESCIND our original permission –Kiokee-Flint Group

Filed with FERC 27 November 2013 by Dinorah Hall:

November 26, 2013

Dear Matthew J. Calvert,

We, the undersigned, are landowners who have received several letters from Sabal Trail Transmission Pipeline LLC’s agents and attorneys informing us of Sabal’s intent to enter our respective properties to conduct surveys in connection with the FERC Docket No. PF14-1. Originally, some of us had given consent to the company to conduct the surveys. However, based on recent events including the company’s refusal to provide us with details about its proposal and its efforts to harass us with visits, letters and phone calls about the survey, we hereby RESCIND our original permission.

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Sample no-permission letters

If Spectra or FPL wants you to sign anything or you have already, you can refuse or rescind permission. Here are sample landowner letters modeled on ones by Stop the Pipeline against the Constitution Pipeline that would run through New York State. These letters could work just as well against the proposed Sabal Trail pipeline in Georgia, Alabama, and Florida, or the Florida Southeast Connection in south Florida. (I am not a lawyer; please ask an attorney for legal advice.)

You can send a deny or rescind letter to the same address Sabal Trail (or FSC) used in any letters to you. The address in these sample letters was on letters to Lowndes County from Sabal Trail (and in the preliminary filing with FERC by FSC).

If you deny or rescind permission, please also submit that as a comment to FERC.

No permission to Sabal Trail Transmission

No permission to Florida Southeast Connection

Based on

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