EPA questions about Sabal Trail in Ocala newspaper

Similar to the coverage in the Moultrie Observer (it even mentions the closed Lowndes County landfill), plus some local observations and some quotes by Beth Gordon.

Bill Thompson wrote for the Ocala StarBanner yesterday, EPA questions gas pipeline planned through North Central Florida,

Finally, the EPA wants the report to incorporate the project’s compliance with the federal Clean Air Act. That would be a concern for residents near Dunnellon.

The company intends to build a compressor station south of the town, near State Road 200.

Environmental regulators seek to learn how much greenhouse gases and potentially hazardous pollutants will be emitted at such sites.

Beth Gordon, a Levy County resident whose 32 acres would be affected by the pipeline and who serves as president of Spectrabusters, a group opposing the project, said the EPA is right in the issues it raises, and questions the real motive for the pipeline.

“Why is FPL and Spectra Energy bringing in so much gas, when they recently estimated a 10-year need as much, much less?” she asked in an email.

“I see this as a government gone wild, giving private property to a private corporation for private purpose — making tons of money selling gas for export. It’s being put in (and) paid for by raising FPL bills, to change over a million households in the Tampa area from coal to gas. The people will be paying more. Where is the benefit to Floridians?”


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