March on FERC against Cove Point LNG exports 2014-07-13

Opposition to fracking, pipelines, and LNG export is nationwide and growing. One week ago, activists from Maryland, DC, and Virginia marched on Washington to demand an end to plans for exporting fracked methane from Maryland.

Mike Tidwell wrote for Chesapeake Climate Action Network (ccan) 15 July 2014, ALL ABOUT UNITY: THANK YOU AND ONWARD FROM THE STOP GAS EXPORTS RALLY,

Wow. On Sunday, the heat scorching the streets of DC was palpable. But, even more so, was the passion and power of our movement. THANKS to everyone who turned out to say NO to fracking, NO to gas exports at Cove Point, NO to runaway climate change, and YES to real clean energy solutions.

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We know the gas industry is all about division — blasting apart the rock beneath our earth, running pipelines through our towns, and further disrupting our fragile climate — now to ship the gas overseas for higher profit.

On Sunday, we showed that our movement is all about unity. We converged from New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, Louisiana, and beyond. We marched as people living upstream, downstream, and everywhere in between along the chain of impacts that would come from exporting fracked gas. Together, we made local and national news headlines1 — and we made history: the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has, hands-down, NEVER seen over 1,000 people protesting at their doorstep! We sent a loud and clear message to President Obama and FERC that climate leaders don’t frack — and that we’ll be back.

More in that article, and more here about how they did it.

Plus 24 people were arrested in the first-ever sit-in protest in front of FERC.

Every protest in the U.S. northeast helps stop pipelines. And the SpectraBusters protest in Leesburg, GA 10 July 2014 against FPL and Spectra Energy’s Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline, which goes to the sea in Florida where there are already multiple authorized LNG export operations: that protest helps activists in the northeast.


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