We are outraged about a proposed gas pipeline cutting through our property!! –Sarah Phillips to GA-DNR

Yes, how about a public hearing run by GA-DNR where Sabal Trail actually has to answer questions in public? GA-DNR may not publish comments about that proposed Sabal Trail air quality permit, deadline August 7th, but we asked for citizens to copy SpectraBusters for publication, and this one did.

From: Sarah Phillips
Date: August 4, 2015 at 2:26:52 PM EDT
To: eric.cornwell@gadnr.org
Subject: Application #23350

300x318 Parcel 00334/00009/024, in We are outraged about a proposed gas pipeline cutting through our property!!., by Sarah Phillips to GA-DNR, for SpectraBusters.org, 4 August 2015 Mr. Cornwell, I am a resident of Dougherty County, and we own the land behind our house through which Sabal Trail proposes to clearcut a wide swath to run their natural gas pipeline. These 800 acres are a habitat for several gopher tortoises, a few pileated woodpeckers, wild turkey, ducks and deer. We have wetlands and wet weather ponds. We are good stewards of this land, and we treasure it. We are outraged about a proposed gas pipeline cutting through our property!!

Dougherty County is the only location in the state for a compressor station. Sabal Trail officials have talked of several sites and actually purchased land for a site on Newton Road, but now they have purchased land in what they consider to be a less obtrusive area. However, it is near a trailer park, Winterwood and Indian Creek subdivisions, and not far from a school and a church. I am concerned, as are many other area residents, about the toxic gases leaking or escaping during the pressure releases. I am also concerned for my fellow citizens about the constant noise.

We do not want the compressor station. We do not want the pipeline!! It originates in Tallapoosa County, Alabama, and ends in Florida, servicing two Florida gas companies. Sabal Trail officials have told some people that they “might” put a tap in Albany/Dougherty County, but they will not verify this, nor will they grant our local television an interview. It is my sincere feeling that they are saying this to muddy the water with our local officials who are looking for something of benefit to Dougherty County in this mess. Is there any way to stop this? Can we have a Public Hearing about it and have DNR officials attend?

Thank you for your time. And please say hello to Judd Turner for me. He grew up in Albany and attended elementary, middle, and high school with our two sons, both of whom returned to Albany to work and both of whom love this land as much as my husband and I do!!

Thank you,
Sarah Phillips


7 thoughts on “We are outraged about a proposed gas pipeline cutting through our property!! –Sarah Phillips to GA-DNR

  1. As a resident of Dougherty county, Georgia, I feel it imperative that I voice my opposition to the proposed path of the Sabal pipeline through the property behind my home. The land where the proposed pipeline is to be located is home to several endangered species, as well as several areas of wetlands. In walking the property during the winter months, we have seen gopher tortoises, pileated woodpeckers, deer, turkey, deer, coyote, quail, and other woodland animals. Building the pipeline would endanger the quality of the ecosystem which needs to be maintained and encouraged rather than destroyed. The pipeline would not benefit the area in any way but would only serve to destroy the quality of life we enjoy now.

  2. I have worked on many miles of pipe line that had all the animals you refer to. None of them disappeared. When the lines were completed, the grass grew back better than before. As to the quality of life you’re referring to, unless you live in the ground where they’re digging the ditch, how is this destroying your quality of life? Just asking.

  3. Charles,

    So why in Canada is Spectra trying to get out of a fine for not protecting the western toad like it said it would?


    And that’s another good joke about “how is this destroying your quality of life” to have massive equipment digging a hundred-foot gouge through the local environment for profit of companies in Houston, Texas, and Juno Beach, Florida.


    1. John, first of all, what is the benefit of the western toad. Can it heat your house in the winter and cool your house in the summer? Unfortunately, when mankind became top of the food chain, some of the furry animals and the western toad that you feel should be protected lost out. Just as all the animals lose out when a housing development is built. I ask you, unless you are a vegan, the next time you cut into a juicy steak or hamburger, think about what part of the cow it came from and what the cow sacrificed for your enjoyment. I don’t many people who have grilled a western toad! Or would want to. As to the “massive gouge”, you make it sound like it’s going to be like that forever, when in fact, after construction is completed, grass will be growing. Let me educate you about the process of building a pipeline. They do like to have at least 100 foot easement with exceptions of where they need extra work space and that is only temporary, not permanent. The first thing they do is roll back the top soil so that it can be returned as they finish. Next step, dig the ditch. On a 36″ line, the ditch will be 6 foot deep, so they can have at least 3 foot of cover over the pipeline (in non-agriculture land). In ag land, where farmers are growing crops, at least 5 foot of cover over the pipeline, hence 8 foot deep. After all the pipe is lowered in and backfilled, the top soil is put back and seeded with good quality grass seed. When the grass comes up, the deer love it. I have seen the deer and turkey and everything else, enjoying that nice green grass. The land returns to its natural state. The quality of life anyone may lose, is only short term.

      1. John, If you want to see what gouging of land is you should travel to WV. PA. KY.OHIO, Maryland or any other coal state, where they knock the top of a mountain off. that’s what you call gouging. worked in all of these states and more on pipeline jobs. I hope you don’t think I am just throwing jabs at you or any one else, I am just trying to correct some of the incorrect statements that you and others have made.

  4. Charles,

    Thanks for illustrating the pipeline company attitude of insisting everybody get used to the destruction.

    Yes, we know how the pipeline companies operate, and we don’t want them.


    1. John, even though I agree with you on solar 100% I am glad the few don’t get to make decisions for the many. years ago when I looked out and saw ground being broken about 1500 ft. from my house for a new factory I wasn’t happy, now the trees are higher I can’t see it from my house. (out of site out of mind)

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