Building the pipeline would endanger the quality of the ecosystem –Rosanne Lewis

Will Spectra sue to avoid protecting gopher tortoises like it challenged a fine for not protecting the western toad? Here’s a comment on We are outraged…:

As a resident of Dougherty county, Georgia, I feel it imperative that I voice my opposition to the proposed path of the Sabal pipeline through the property behind my home. The land where the proposed pipeline is to be located is home to several endangered species, as well as several areas of wetlands. In walking the property during the winter months, we have seen gopher tortoises, pileated woodpeckers, deer, turkey, deer, coyote, quail, and other woodland animals. Building the pipeline would endanger the quality of the ecosystem which needs to be maintained and encouraged rather than destroyed. The pipeline would not benefit the area in any way but would only serve to destroy the quality of life we enjoy now.

-Rosanne Lewis

Everyone please remember to send such comments directly to FERC and to GA EPD. While we know FERC reads this blog (hi, John Peconom), it’s only part of the official process if it’s sent directly to the relevant agencies.

And yes, please also copy comments to GA EPD to so we can blog them, since GA-EPD doesn’t seem to have any publicly visible comment log.


5 thoughts on “Building the pipeline would endanger the quality of the ecosystem –Rosanne Lewis

  1. Rosanne, I want to assure that the woodpeckers, deer, quail, turkey and coyote will be just fine. As to the tortoises, some one with the EPA will go ahead before any construction and locate their burrows. After that, a crew will come in under the supervision of the EPA, and gently dig up the turtles and take them out of the construction area and dig a small starter burrow, the turtle will take over from there and dig his/her burrow out the way of construction. A barrier fence (silt fence) is constructed along the edge of the right-of-way and the turtles don’t seemed interested in climbing over the fence. I have been on these crews, we have dug up hundreds of turtles and safely relocated them. Don’t worry about the turtles, they come out just fine.

    1. John, let me answer your question. I am retired, I don’t travel out of state any more. When a job of this size and length comes to my local union jurisdiction my union hall asks me to go back to work since we don’t have enough qualified pipe liners in my local. we will be calling union halls in other jurisdictions for operating engineers to fill the rest of the jobs and besides its hard to turn down $40.00 an hr. plus benefits. Your argument about passing a solar law may happen some day but not as long as Rick Scott and the rest of the republicans are in office in Fl. As for nobody wanting a pipeline when is that going to happen 10 – 20 – 30 years down the road? One more thing Rick Scott has nothing to lose he can’t run again, so for three more years he still has that veto pen

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