Sabal Trail is a reckless proposal –GA State Senator Sims to FERC

Sabal Trail targets those most vulnerable, the “elderly, disabled and without monetary or political means to “fight” such an environmentally intrusive plan.”

Filed with FERC 23 October 2015 as Accession Number 20151023-5278, “Comment of Senator Freddie Powell Sims under CP15-17”:

District 12
110-A State Capitol
Atlanta. Georgia 30334
Phone: (404) 463-5259
Fax: (404) 463-2279


Interstate Cooperation, Vice-Chairman
Education and Youth, Secretary
Natural Resources and the Environment

The State Senate

Atlanta, Georgia 30334

October 20, 2015

Letter to FERC Kimberly D. Bose
Federal Energy Regulation Commission
888 First Street, N.E.
Washingtun, DC 20426

Dear Ms. Bose:

As State Senator for District 12 in the State of Georgia, I write this letter in opposition to the proposed Sabal Pipeline location in the populous area of Dougherty County / Albany, Georgia. The Sabal Pipeline proposed location is a “reckless” proposal that negates the health and safety of current and future residents of Dougherty County / Albany, Georgia. Many of the residents in this part of the United States of America live below the poverty line. When these kinds of negative environmental proposals are made, the residents, again, feel abandoned and marginalized by a government that was elected to protect “the least among us”! Officials that are charged with these decisions are also viewed as insensitive and empowered to place these kinds of projects in neighborhoods that have long since been written off as non-essential “collateral damage”!

Other reasons for my opposition to the Sabal Pipeline are:

  1. PEOPLE living in the proposed area of the pipeline are the most vulnerable citizens: elderly. disabled and without monetary or political means to “fight” such an environmentally intrusive plan,
  2. PEOPLE will be subjected to continuous loud noise and yet, unrealized unpredictable health issues.
  3. PEOPLE will be in constant fear of explosion(s) and deadly emissions.
  4. Local economic impact of such an unproven environmental danger What impact will it have on attracting business to the region?
  5. PEOPLE live in a known “flood area” of the State of Georgia, which the presence of any pipeline wreaks of environrmental disaster!
  6. The PEOPLE that live in the proposed area vehemently oppose this reckless proposal!

For additional conversation on this proposed issue, I can be reached by cell phone at 229-347-0251. Consideration ofthe health and safety of the people of Dougherty County/Albany, Georgia is the nexus of this communication.

Thank you,
Senator Freddie Powell Sims

You can help stop Sabal Trail:

You can pick one or more of the above and help stop this un-needed, destructive, and hazardous fracked methane boondoggle!


Letter to FERC

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