Today is last day to E-Comment to FERC about DEIS 2015-10-26

The whole world is watching: speak up to FERC and be heard!

Update Tuesday October 27, 2015: According to FERC, you can still e-comment today!

Here’s how to e-comment.

Simple is good: “The Albany compressor station is a very bad idea.”

Or: “We don’t need a pipeline causing more sinkholes.”

Or: “Keep Sabal Trail off our rivers!”

Just write what you mean and send it in.

Here’s what many elected and appointed officials have said to FERC.

But there’s no need to try to review all the background.

Just have your say in your own words. Say it today!

Remember: Spectra already lost once at FERC; you can help get FERC to deny this Spectra pipeline, too!


6 thoughts on “Today is last day to E-Comment to FERC about DEIS 2015-10-26

  1. We don’t want a pipeline or a compression station ruining our air and water. Please keep it out of Suwannee County.

  2. The GA- FL pipeline is a very bad idea. It will increase economic dependency upon fossil fuel corporations for employment etc in the region. It will undermine momentum toward solar for the south…rooftop solar especially. Wind as well. There will be community disruptions due to compressor locations. The ecosystems along the pipeline may very well be troubled and degraded by leaks…(if experience is our teacher and if we are good students, we know that the industry always gives bold assurances yet leaks happen rather frequently, nevertheless, and it typically takes costly lawsuits to force detailed cleanups). Let us take care of our South Eastern ecosystems, let us develop our own local solar and wind industries, let us not be seduced by this prospect. Our very best information , namely our scientists’ 30+ years of methodically gathered and analyzed data, have informed us: we must leave much or even most of our reserves in the ground in order to moderate the greenhouse impact already let loose upon our planet by atmospheric CO2 and methane. Florida will be seriously affected in coastal areas. GA areas like Cumberland Island and St Mary’s and low lying Golden Isles coast will be affected. This fall the Piedmont has had rain like Seattle! About 5 years ago we were in a decade of drought that forced water rationing in Atlanta, as Lake Lanier mud banks were exposed way above waterline, and lake fisheries and coastal estuaries were at risk downstream. This IS climate de-stabilization. It is not too late to grind it to a halt. What we have lacked is only the political will to fully commit to quickly ramp up the kinds of energy and transportation we need MORE of and crank down those we need LESS of…..GA Power (a Koch owned Southern C0) has stalled GA for maybe a decade on solar. Their grip is loosening as the legislature opened the door to home or building owner rooftop solar….but this industry needs a chance to grow and make work for Georgians — lasting work. Pipeline building is temp work. Pipeline maintenance requires only a modest crew of workers. (EStimated about 350 workers to maintain the Keystone XL pipeline, in a Cornell study). That’s not enough of a job creation contribution to justify this pipeline in GA-FL. Let us say NO thanks.

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