Strom -Sabal Trail

Strom Submits App to DOE to Process, Transport Interstate, & Export Fracked Gas VIA Sabal Trail Pipeline

On May 15, 2015 Strom submitted an application to DOE for processing fracked gas and exporting the resulting natural gas after transporting from facilities just 2.8 miles from the faulty Nuke Plant in Citrus County.  The application also includes the ability to transport this processed natural gas for export via ‘bomb’ trains or trucks 90 miles to Port of Tampa for exporting to non-FTA countries. Guess who the pipeline company is — FGS and Sabal Trail with emphasis on ST.

Sources of Strom’s Fracked Gas For Processing and Export

Strom -Sabal Trail Pipeline
Excerpt from Strom Application which can be seen by clicking in above text excerpt from application


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