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Sabal Trail Pipeline LLC – Pumping Water From Sante Fe River In North FLA

Water Levels are very low due to lack of rain but Sabal Trail pipeline is still pumping 100’s of Thousands gallons or water from the protected Sante Fe River.

This pumping began over a week ago after Sabal was denied further access to water at already FERC approved Beachville Mine due to owner being informed as to what they are doing with the water – use it to test and push pipe after HDD drilling UNDER the Sante FE River for over 2900′ Ft.

Water Protectors from Sacred Water Camp and Water Is Life Camp joined forces to slow the progress by direct action as they did these actions people on recon snapped the photos you see below.

Gilchrist County deputies and Sabal Trail Security have pushed people into barbed wired fences and physically attacked individuals who are exercising free speech on a PUBLIC Road and many times in the right of way. You may see videos of these actions on

Please join us or support us in these actions to protect our water – Water is Life! All info and videos can be found on the above Facebook page – note important info in pinned post including directions to Sacred Water Camp.

Suwannee County is a very large aquifer re-charge and dis-charge area for the Floridan Aquifer that is now very threatened. Suwannee County is also the home of 1,000’s of fresh Water Springs – Windows to the Aquifer with many 1st magnitude springs threatened by this fracked gas pipeline for export to other countries. Not to mention the wetlands that play a vital part of water filtration. Sabal Trail is dumping sludge, getting leaking equipment stuck — destroying close to 1,000 acres of wetlands.

Please report any violations that you may see and again join us or send support – see Facebook page please and pinned post in group.

This is just one spring in Suwannee County – Running Springs
Sabal Trail pump at Sante Fe which is filling Tanker Trucks
Sabal Trail Pipeline pumping Water From Sante Fe River


Sabal Trail Bi-weekly REPORT – 20161104-5117(31768039).pdf

Non-answers in Sabal Trail Biweekly Status Report 2016-11-04

What is Sabal Trail sending into the WIthlacoochee River between Quitman and Valdosta, GA? WWALS PR 2016-11-09



On Friday, November 4, 2016 at 8:57:59 PM UTC-4, Debra Johnson wrote:

Latest bi-weekly from Sabal Trail pipeline the corporate invaders threatening our lives, water, land to export fracked gas to other countries.

Hello from Sacred Water Camp


~~ Deb

Chemical Composition of Fracked & Piped

Just what is in ‘natural’ fracked and piped gas?

There are many variables in the chemical composition of natural gas. Depending on where it came from to what the receiver requires and what it going to be used for.

Certainly not a chemist, but the link and attachment contain info that may be helpful to those who want to know.



Sacredwatercamp Water Protectors Action in Live Oak FLA – Oct 20 2016

Reporting from #Sacredwatercamp in Live Oak Fl –  [edit] 10/28/2016

Action today At Sabal Trail/Enbridge pipeline construction site/Staging area in Live Oak Fl where they plan to bore under the Suwannee and Sante Fe Rivers. The Sante Fe they will HDD drill under within the next 2 days!

Please come and join us here is a map of current location near Spirit of Suwannee Music Park  @ 91st lane and 91st Dr Live Oak FL :,+Live+Oak,+FL+32060/@30.3287715,-82.8664355,12z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x88eee1b0cf1ac38f:0x99ab9896807d8610!8m2!3d30.3925897!4d-82.934561

See pics below — here of today’s action

~~ Deb

Sabal Trail Pipeline Being Laid At Suwannee River In State Park

Sabal Trail is moving fast and people need to get to Sacred Water Camp near Live Oak FL

Sabal Trail is laying pipe in Suwannee River State Park now.

[edit] Running east of a 1st magnitude springs —  Lime Sink Run

Join us #Sacredwatercamp,+Live+Oak,+FL+32060/@30.3287715,-82.8664355,12z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x88eee1b0cf1ac38f:0x99ab9896807d8610!8m2!3d30.3925897!4d-82.934561


Direct Non-Violent Action Against Sabal Trail Pipeline Near Live Oak FLorida

Suwannee County Sabal Trail Pipeline
Suwannee County Sabal Trail Pipeline – Off River Road

Please join us.  Indigenous Tribes invite all people to a Sabal Trail Pipeline direct action demonstration near Live Oak/ Ellaville Fla on River Road @ Corner Of 197th Place And 199th Place Live Oak, Fl.
This is an Indigenous spiritual event similar to Dakota Access Sacred Stone Camp. Camping is available.

Demonstration will begin Monday October 17 @ 7 am — all are welcome to join encampment as long as non-violent.  Stressing NON-VIOLENT DEMONSTRATION.

Please note this is not a Spectrabusters event but Spectrabusters does show support for this event.

Facebook Event page:

They will be drilling under the Suwannee River right down the road!  We must act and act now.
~~ Deb

Sabal Trail Prepared to begin to Drill pipeline under Withlacoochee River in Lowndes County GA – Near Valdosta

Hdd Drilling truck at Withlacoochee River prepared to drill under the river. Thank you to jsq of WWals

As reported to me earlier today Sabal Trail has hauled matting, delivered a HDD truck to drill under the Withlacoochee River in Lowndes County:

"Sabal Trail is apparently in full preparation for HDD of the Withlacoochee River on U.S. 84 west of Valdosta in Lowndes Co. There is plenty of activity going on just off of Old Quitman Hwy such as a lot of acreage has been completely cleared, semi trucks going in and out hauling excavators and matting.

"The area that has been cleared (bare) is large enough to accommodate lots of pipe. The construction/destruction activity can be clearly seen from a public dirt road at the end of Old Quitman Hwy, if you would like to take pictures or video of the activities."

Or if you wish to plan a protest to try to halt this dangerous horizontal drilling under a river that flows into Florida and will adversely impact the Floridan Aquifer — our sole source of water. Exit 16 off I75 to Valdosta, go west and turn on Old Quitman Highway.

John Quarterman went to site today and took some pictures. He stated that while he was there a HDD — drilling truck arrived – see picture above.

Here is a link to more pictures John took today:

Thank you to anonymous sources and to John Quarterman for visiting the site.



The TPP & OTHER ‘CORPORATE FRIENDLY’ TRADE AGREEMENTS must be stopped or companies like Sabal Trail will run amok all over us — Foreign Companies at that …



"I wanted to send out this "Care Packet" for us all to make use of in our fight to stop the Lame Duck TPP vote.

Care Packet to Stop the TPP for In-District Activism

President Obama plans to introduce (Trans-Pacific Partnership) TPP in the ‘Lame Duck’ session, shortly after Election Day, so right now, he and his corporate lobbyist friends are pushing on our reps to vote yes on TPP in the undemocratic session.

Is your House Representative either retiring or possibly going to be voted out? Or is s/he evasive on how they plan to vote on TPP should it be on the floor?

Did they vote yes on fast track last year, or were they silent until the last minute, indicating they were waiting for the last vote to roll in so they could appear to care about constituents?

Lots of shady deals continue to go down and it’s up to us to make sure our children and grandchildren inherit a decent world.

Now is the time to get them all on the record as to whether they support or oppose the TPP. And we need to let them know we expect them to oppose a Lame Duck vote on TPP. FYI: There is never a good time to vote on the TPP.

If not now, when? If not you and I, then who?

Here’s what we must do to make sure we win on TPP:

1–Take the No Lame Duck TPP Pledge here: register/

Join the #NoLameDuckUprising:

Join the TPP Resistance Call every Wednesday:

2– Show Up to make a difference. That’s how we win!

During the election season, we need to attend public forums, write letters to the editor, make office visits and bird-dog our house members at every public event.

Depending on their positions and affiliations, we are going to confront them in order to make a vote for TPP a toxic decision that will haunt them for the rest of their (short) political career.

What do we need?

  • First, it’s good to know how s/he vote on fast track. Here’s the list: If they voted “yes” on fast track, they are a definite target leading up to the election and we will need to let them know they betrayed us, and that they still have time to get it right by committing to vote no on TPP, and opposing a lame duck vote.
  • What issues do our reps care about? Ex: Does s/he vote as Tea Party / Deficit hawk / Jobs / Healthcare / Environmentalist / Business-minded / Care about seniors / sovereignty / etc….
  • We’re including links for both conservative and progressive members of congress. Bring them a few papers. Some fliers work better for some reps and not so much for others. For example, I have a Tea Party Republican as my rep, so I don’t bring him fliers about the environment, but fliers on jobs, trade deficits, sovereignty, and the economy have worked quite well for him. Some of these resources are long informational reports and others are informational fliers and issues papers. Bring in issues papers or fliers along with a personal letter letting your rep know you expect them to stand up for the people they were elected to serve.
  • TPP Links for Conservatives:

Have get-togethers to discuss the ramifications should TPP pass – jobs, economy, environment etc… Break the ice with a short video and then have a discussion. Below are several great informational videos.

Videos on TPP:



Bernie Sanders on TPP: v=kNm1WL89JSc

Good information / a year old–Lori Wallach on Democracy Now:v=KEi4ZqruX6Q

I like this one: v=wFfaItb5elA

  • Brainstorm when to visit your rep’s office to make sure they know TPP is unacceptable.
  • During the election season, Bird-Dogging is a great tactic–attend candidate forums, and be sure to ask your rep how s/he intends to vote on TPP in the Lame Duck Session, but tell them you expect them to speak out against holding a Lame Duck vote.

Fliers: CWA

More CWA Fliers:


Here is an option for those great DNC Stop TPP Signs from the Northern Illinois Jobs with Justice: no-tpp-rally-sign/

TPP Occucards:

Creative actions / Light Brigades / Here’s a good resource for light brigade stuff:


3– Call your members of congress every day

In-district contact: Go to this site, type in your zipcode, then when your rep comes up, click their name and scroll to the bottom to find their local offices: representatives/find/

Phone number for the D.C. Congressional Switchboard:(202) 224-3121 Please CALL your members of Congress NOW and tell them to OPPOSE THE TPP! Tell your rep’s office you want a response.

(202) 224-3121

4–Write letters to the editor and op-eds

Write letters to your local paper. Members of congress read local papers to find out what matters to constituents. Make your letter short, sweet, and to the point. Here’s a link to helpful tips on effective LTEs: tools-for-making-media/

5–Email Your Member of Congress

Here’s a good current email tool from CPA:


Tools for Education

A Better World is Possible

New Rules of the Road:

Refuting Obama’s TPP Rhetoric


Refuting the National Security Argument:

TPP and Food Sovereignty and Safety:

8 Reasons to Vote NO on TPP

AFL-CIO Informational resources:

Article by Zahara Heckscher on TPP and access to medicines:heckscher/congress-you-are-to-blame-for-epipen-prices-3342622518d9#.tfoiu33bo

To find help for successful in-district events, go to: Organizing Resource Hub for TPP resistance resources:

Or: On Flush the TPP: resourcehub/

We have the power to stop the TPP—let’s just do it!

Harriet Heywood-Trade Justice Alliance / People Demanding Action Florida Coordinator"

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