Huge Win Over Sabal Trail/Spectra Energy in Georgia

300x167 SB sign on WTOC, in SpectraBusters against Palmetto Pipeline, by John S. Quarterman, for, 7 May 2015
SpectraBusters John Quarterman protesting against Palmetto Pipeline which also is being held at bay by Georgia citizens.

As previously reported Georgia Governor Nathan Deal slipped into bill  SR 954 easements for Sabal Trail to begin drilling under the Chattahoochee, Flint, and Ochlockonee rivers as well as the Okapilco and Hanna-hatchee Creeks BEFORE a permit has been issued.  That’s right Sabal Trail and Gov. Deal were trying to begin drilling under these waterways before all permits for this dangerous pipeline was even permitted!

Well Spectra Energy those campaign payments may have made Governor Deal want to do this but the Georgia Legislators said NO!  They said no in a big way with a 128 Nay to 34 Yay vote.

Congratulations to all of the citizens, environmental groups and to the people in Georgia who are working very hard to protect themselves, the land and the Floridan Aquifer from this seriously dangerous pipeline!

Thank you to Georgia Legislators for standing firm for what is just and right.

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