Sabal Trail Protest – Electricity blackout protest

Think of the money FPL and Duke Energy would loose if we all just shut our power down for just one day. Heck the weather is becoming cooler and we could do this many times What a great way to show your opposition to the Sabal Trail Pipeline.

It would be no different than what we experience when hurricanes/tropical storms come through.

A Boycott that would cost them millions in revenue and $$ is a corporation’s lifeblood. THIS will get their attention

So on Oct 14 at 8 PM to Oct 15 at 8 AM in EDT please turn off your main breaker at least for 12 hours — say while you are at work or build a bonfire and have family time under the stars.

Your food will stay good in refrigerator and freezer for up to 48 hours as long as you do not keep opening the door.

Please join us in this easy way to say NO SABAL TRAIL PIPELINE.

This idea was created by the folks at Stop Sabal Trail on Facebook.

Here is the link to the event page should you want to join there and read more

​~~ Deb​

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