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  1. I will do asmuch…humanly possible to stop this pipeline from occurring. I have a 7 person tent…never used…willing to come , set up…leave for anyone in need…for starts

  2. This must stop, they are killing the environment, polluting the water, stealing treatied land, AGAIN and it must stop. They cant even look around at all the other pipelines breaking, we dont need oil

  3. Please stop forcing pipelines, they cause environmental damage! Wind, solar and sea power is much more environmentally friendly!

  4. The PSC Rockford contractor has been HDD in Loughman Florida for 3 or 4 weeks now. They have expanded their work area way outside of their work zone at the entry site as well as their exit site. Each expanded area is approximately 100 foot past their work zone stakes. At the Loughman HDD entry site, 5 sinks or depressions have opened. The first one we photoed has grow to a size that is about a 20′ circle and the others are 4 to 10 foot. The depths varies but the first one was about 6′ deep and now is about 10 or 12′ deep. These are not holes that they dug. They are also protecting the sinks by placing men at the three separate sites. The first 2 are about 4′ apart and surrounded by silt fence and safety fencing. The fenced area is about a 20 x 20. The next area is about 20′ x 30′ but only surrounded by silt fencing and surrounds 2 smaller depressions. The next area is about 4 ‘ south, surrounded by silt fence and the sink is about 4′ x 4’. I have video of the first night, then we photoed a couple days later. Then 2 depressions, then 1 more sink a few days later. The crews started pulling back the bore pipe. It got stuck about 200′ in. They hooked track-hoe up to pipe but could not pull the pipe out. They hooked 2 bulldozers up and had huge compressor with a hammering device in side of pipe beating the crap out of pipe while the two bulldozers pulled. They finally get the pipe pulled back. Now they are pulling the same pipe back in. What has all the beating, hammering and pulling done to the integrity of pipe?

    I was told that they were pulling a all nighter by a work but when I went back out. All lights were off and no one was on either site. I was able to get more photos of sinks/depressions. I truly believe that the bore pipe is stuck again. There is one area that I am concerned about because it was a gas station and had many monitoring wells. I think that is what the HDD cutters are stuck on. What should I do?????

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