Chemical Composition of Fracked & Piped

Just what is in ‘natural’ fracked and piped gas?

There are many variables in the chemical composition of natural gas. Depending on where it came from to what the receiver requires and what it going to be used for.

Certainly not a chemist, but the link and attachment contain info that may be helpful to those who want to know.



One thought on “Chemical Composition of Fracked & Piped

  1. Where are the biweekly report for December? Are they still pumping thousands of gallons of water from the Santa Fe? How is the Sacred Waters camp doing? We are down here in Citrus County and are getting no information at all from the media (Citrus County Chronicle, Ocala Star Banner, etc. We are very concerned about the Sabal Pipeline going through our backyards and especially through the Rainbow River and Withlacoochee springsheds.

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