SpectraBusters seeks new Allies and Board members

Especially since the Army Corps issued its permit for Sabal Trail last summer, Allies Florida is swarming against that fossil fuel invader like an ant bed stirred by a 600-mile-long pipeline stick. That’s great! However, there’s a lot of duplication of effort. And Florida is not the only place Spectra Energy is gouging its pipes: Georgia and Alabama, too, with implications far beyond.

The oldest name in Sabal Trail opposition, SpectraBusters, invites applications for two things:

  1. SpectraBusters Allies.
    If your organization is actively opposing Sabal Trail or promoting solar power, you can send email to spectrabusters@gmail.com with a link to your organization’s web page and ask to be listed on the SpectraBusters Allies web page. If you’ve got a relevant motto, mission, or quote, or a link to a recent action, please include those in that email as well.

  2. SpectraBusters Board. Board
    If you’d like to help organize against that unnecessary, destructive, and hazardous fracked methane pipeline boondoggle, you can apply to be on the board of directors of SpectraBusters, Inc. To apply for the SpectraBusters Board, send email to spectrabusters@gmail.com saying who you are, what you have already done to oppose Sabal Trail, some references of people who know you and what you have done, and contact information (your telephone, email, and other contact handles).

For three years Sabal Trail claimed it had to finish by May 2017. Now, depending on which latest newspaper publication by Sabal Trail you read, they’re planning on June, or maybe even August. No matter which date, that’s only a few months away.

Let us all work together to stop this boondoggle and to get the Sunshine State to go solar now, along with Georgia, Alabama, and the rest of the southeast, the U.S., and the world.

Alton Burns, SpectraBusters Board Member

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