Report violations and Events to stop Sabal Trail

Events you can go to, report violations and other things you can do where you are, and why we all oppose the unnecessary, destructive, and hazardous Sabal “Sinkhole” Trail fracked methane pipeline.

If you want to go somewhere to do something, Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson of Sierra Club keeps up to date this facebook event: Florida Against Sabal Trail, @protectFAST:

Event page to spread the word on ALL events to stop Sabal Trail 36″ by 516 mile gas transmission pipeline.

See also Twitter hashtags #stopsabaltrail, #waterislife.

You can report violations. Sabal Trail (and FSC and Hillabee Expansion Project) are racing to try to finish by their May 2017 in-service date. They may be making mistakes. No silt fence, no endangered wildlife signs, no permit, water withdrawal, water dumping? Those could be environmental, construction, safety, or other potential violations, and here is a page by WWALS Watershed Coalition with some addresses you can report them to in Alabama, Georgia, or Florida and other things you can do without going anywhere.

If you are new to all this, here is Why #NoSabalTrail #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife. What reasons would you add?

SpectraBusters, Inc. is not Sierra Club and it is not WWALS. SpectraBusters was formed in 2013 to oppose Sabal Trail and to promote solar power in all three states: Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Many organizations are SpectraBusters Allies and many new organizations and individuals oppose Sabal Trail. For much more background, see the Menu tabs at the top of this facebook page.

8 thoughts on “Report violations and Events to stop Sabal Trail

  1. Absolute bullshit! They are using our water, our land! How did they get access to public lands? I live in Dunnellon Florida. I use weekly our cross Florida greenway and halpata tastanaki preserve! Sambal pipeline is cutting right through both! Disrupting all wildlife! How did they get access to cut through here?

  2. For all to read that are trying to stop the pipeline and wondering how they are able to do these things. Years go into planning the pipeline. Countless permits are needed and each land owner has to be payed for use of the land. So nothing happens without government and the owner of the land approving it. If the owner doesn’t approve the government can step in but that hardly happens. Contractors or workers get most of the blame for the pipeline. If you wanna stop it attack the gas companies not the workers trying to provide for their families

  3. We live along the Florida Southeast Connection and only 4 miles from the Reunion Compressor Station. The PSC Rockford crews have constructed this pipeline through 57 wetlands and impacted 7 water bodies, in the first 5 miles of construction. The 3000′ HDD bore took them 5 weeks and consumed 100’s of thousands of gallons of potable water to complete. We will not know the true impacts for years to come. The wildlife and their habitat has already felt the impact. Our lakes are way below normal. Our wetlands are bone dry and sinkholes are opening. The sinkhole problem will only get worst as the construction continues and the rainy season arrives. Thank you John for all your doing. Great information.

  4. I have been with violator camp recording addresses dates photos, videos and progress.
    Sink hole at 4698 192 happened day after i recorded it, in following days i have footage of kids exiting school buses right at pump site off seven dwarfs n princess .
    Also been documenting many f activites since 11/16. (have met some that ave drama) Im native american Iroquois six nations haudesuannee live in Florida n,s,e,w central fl. I also work in non profit sector with surfrider foundation being one of quite a few. I live in Brevard there is gvt document i posted its going viral that this is not for fla. the gas line will travel eat after hitting central hub bringing gas to a titusville facilities under a different named llc, to an lng and be liquidated for export. New infastructure to fpl plants by dallas exit off beach line , n funeral flags to brevard line.

  5. Sadly there is drama with a few people of color who aren’t native , trying to manipulate others, gossip abd work there agendas in different factions ( proof if this too). This ugly thing’s brining out the negative agenda for us trying to do this lawfully for truth and accountability.

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