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Cancelled! Paddle Against the Pipeline on the Withlacoochee River

Update 9PM 16 April 2014: Cancelled due to flood-stage water levels in the Withlacoochee River, with more rain expected Friday. To be rescheduled.

7:30 AM Saturday 19 April 2014 on the Withlacoochee River between Valdosta and Quitman, put in at Old Quitman Road on the Brooks County side (just south of US 84): Paddle past where the proposed Sabal Trail methane pipeline would cross the Withlacoochee River, digging into our fragile karst limesone, above our drinking-water Floridan Aquifer. This is a joint event of Continue reading Cancelled! Paddle Against the Pipeline on the Withlacoochee River

Farmer and lower income folks are people –James & Tracy Ryder to FERC

Filed with FERC 2 December 2013:

James & Tracy Ryder, Tallahassee, FL.


We have been contacted by Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC regarding their proposed natural gas pipeline. In their contacts with us, they requested permission to survey our property in reference to one of the proposed corridors since we are already encumbered with the SONAT pipeline that run through the middle of our property. We were told that we should sign the consent because they would use eminent domain to access our property against our will if need be. In a public meeting we were told they were putting in a 24″ line that would provide gas to mid and south Florida. We have later learned that they are intending to put in a 36″ line that would not serve Florida, but would provide for exports from Florida. Sabal Trail has not been providing accurate, or clear information to the public regarding these pipeline endeavors. When we asked about alternate corridors, we were told they would not consider the alternate corridor that was originally proposed due to the fact that there were many people impacted.

Seriously, Brooks County may be the home to many a farmer and lower income folks, but I assure they are people and don’t deserve to be exploited for the potential gains in revenue and exportation of our limited natural resources. Continue reading Farmer and lower income folks are people –James & Tracy Ryder to FERC

I adamantly oppose this proposed pipeline –Thomas Lovett to FERC

Filed with FERC 1 December 2013:

Thomas Lovett, Quitman, GA.
December 1, 2013

Thomas D. Lovett
250 Monument Church Road
Quitman, GA 31643

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
888 First Street, NE
Washington, D.C. 20426

Re: FERC Docket No. PF-14-1

Dear FERC,

As a Brooks County, Georgia landowner who would be directly affected by Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC’s proposed pipeline, I adamantly oppose this proposed pipeline, for the reasons stated below.

The 36-inch pipeline/easement would cut a path approximately 5,480 feet long and 100 feet wide across our family farm, located at 250 Monument Church Road, Quitman, Georgia, 31643. Our family farm has been continuously owned by my family for more than 100 years. I live on the farm with my wife and two boys.

The pipeline, if allowed, would be approximately 680 feet directly behind our residence. It would be approximately 790 feet from nearby Morning Star Church Continue reading I adamantly oppose this proposed pipeline –Thomas Lovett to FERC

Monstrous pipeline more than one can be compensated for –Dante Acevedo to FERC

Filed with FERC 15 January 2014:

Dante Acevedo, quitman, GA.

I am a resident of Brooks county in southern Georgia. My property is being intruded upon by Sabal Trail, a subsidiary of Spectra Energy. Since the pipeline is “open-access,” it will encourage industrial development, including natural gas extraction, which will drastically alter the rural character of the community where I have lived for nearly twenty years and my grandmother for nearly 50 years. As no one else can represent my interests in this matter, I am filing this motion to intervene. This is a tremendously dangerous endeavor since it is going through a rural area with many homes and livelihoods. The thought of such a monstrous pipeline with the potential to create massive destruction and death outside ones door is more than one can be compensated for.

Furthermore, this pipeline proposal seems to dismiss Continue reading Monstrous pipeline more than one can be compensated for –Dante Acevedo to FERC

Spectra wants to be closer to the community in new Valdosta office

The community likes to visit that building, with signs and chants.

Winnie Anne Wright wrote for WCTV yesterday, Sabal Trail Transmission Opens Office in Valdosta,

Valdosta—Agents representing three counties affected by the Sabal Trail Natural Gas Pipeline will occupy the new office on North Patterson Street.

The Valdosta office is not the first office on the pipeline’s route. Susan Waller, with spectra energy says there are multiple offices in communities that are hosting the pipeline project.

“Having a local office for Sabal Trail really gives us the opportunity to be closer to the community. The residents and the different land owners that are affected by this, in the study corridor, I think it gives them an opportunity to get to know our representatives, and I do believe it improves and enhances our relationship with the community”, says Waller.

And the community still has many unanswered questions.

The community visited that building at 2010 North Patterson Street, also home of the Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority (VLCIA), to protest a proposed biomass plant in 2011 and a proposed private prison in 2012. Both times, the protesters won.


Spectra still leaving questions unanswered

Here’s how Spectra’s VP of Stakeholder Outreach Susan Waller actually implements her assertion quoted in the Valdosta Daily Times Tuesday.

“I want stakeholders to talk to us. They have to ask the questions so we can answer them,” Waller said. “Keep talking. Don’t shut down.”

When I asked the FERC representatives at the Madison County meeting how to get Spectra to answer questions, they said file comments with FERC.


Follow a route that utilizes public right of ways –Keren Wynn to FERC

Filed with FERC 24 November 2013:

Keren Wynn, Valdosta, GA.

I understand the need for this pipeline, but I am very concerned about the associated safety risks and the negative impact it will have on private property owners in Lowndes and Brooks Counties. Our daughter’s best friend and her family are directly affected with the proposed pipeline being located just a few feet from their home. I have concerns for the safety of this family and for my daughter based on reports of numerous explosions of these types of pipelines in other areas. This pipeline will run through a rural area that is only served by volunteer fire departments that are not capable of handling this type of potential disaster. The focus for Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC is on profits and not for the safety or well being of residents of this area. The proposed route should not directly affect private land owners. This project should be required to follow a route that utilizes public right of ways. Thank you for your assistance.

How to comment with FERC.


Brooks County Commission Monday 1 2 Dec 2013

5PM tomorrow the Brooks County Commission will meet, and at 5:30 PM they have invited Sandra Y. Jones to speak to them about the Sabal Trail Pipeline. It’s an open public meeting, so the public can attend.

They meet at 610 South Highland Road, Quitman, Georgia. That’s the old National Guard Armory building. Here’s a map:

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